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Bridging the Tech Skills Gap by Tapping into Canadian Diversity
The tech industry is changing, the Canadian economy is changing, and the priorities and values of Canadians are changing. A prosperous tech future for Canada requires connecting our diverse workforce with the moving target of tech employer needs. A lot of ink has been spilled on the fears surrounding the tech skills gap. In reality, … Continued
Dr. Kari Kramp Ph. D - Senior Scientific Manager - Applied Research and Innovation Office
Loyalist Leads the Way in Fostering Innovative Bioeconomy Partnerships
Loyalist College has taken a leadership role in the bioeconomy sector through a series of innovative partnerships. Could food “waste” be used in natural beauty products? What are the opportunities for horticulture in deep space exploration? What secrets does the genome hold for the future of farming? As industry becomes increasingly concerned with sustainable development, … Continued
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