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Dr. Lauretta Frederking

President, Brescia University College

Canada’s only women’s university secures its rank as a powerhouse institution as it outlines exciting targets and initiatives.

For over 100 years, Brescia University College in London, Ont. has aimed to develop leadership competencies in women and encourage students to lead with wisdom, justice, and compassion. Its small campus size of 1,400 students allows faculty and staff to specialize in holistic education while nurturing confidence and character.

Brescia students benefit from an inclusive and supportive culture with rigorous academic standards. As an affiliate of Western University, students can access a variety of resources and programs offered on its campus. However, the unparalleled experience at Brescia is the intentional recognition of every student’s potential. Each course fosters critical conversations and challenges students academically while emphasizing strong values and character development.

Today, a women’s university remains critical, especially in a post-pandemic world. Brescia provides opportunities to consider and practise inclusive systemic changes in a variety of fields. For example, the recently-launched Centre for Leadership serves students at the University while building resources and advocacy for diverse women’s leadership in London and beyond.


Bringing everyone together

This initiative stems from Brescia’s influence in impacting various communities. “The Centre invites community members and organizations to partner with Brescia in research and advocacy about gender, intersectionality, and leadership. We aim to transform organizations in all sectors with our knowledge and expertise through micro-credentials and professional development,” says Dr. Lauretta Frederking, Brescia’s President.

The Centre also unites students, faculty, and staff at Brescia. “By partnering with local organizations, we can grow opportunities for diverse women,” says Dr. Frederking. “By offering our expertise, we can bridge gaps throughout our community, so women are successful and organizations thrive.”

Additionally, the University has launched future plans through its $10 million LEAD WITH US campaign. This funding will increase scholarships, faculty research, academic programming, and more. “We’re always looking to break down barriers and increase accessibility for anyone who is interested in higher learning,” explains Dr. Frederking. “With this funding, we can implement the right resources to educate tomorrow’s leaders.”

Inspiring the next generation of women

Brescia is committed to transformative education. “We want students to achieve academic excellence, build commitment to a more equitable and just society, and grow holistically — in body, mind, and spirit,” says Dr. Frederking. “That’s how Brescia students become brilliant future leaders.”

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