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Advancing Women’s Leadership

Jacqueline ‌Ottmann smiling
Jacqueline ‌Ottmann smiling

The 2020 edition of Advancing Women’s Leadership unites leaders in equity and diversity to discuss the relationship between women and the workplace — what advances have been made, and what’s still to come? Read on and learn how to break down barriers, creating a more inclusive culture for women in leadership.

Changing the Narrative: A New Approach to Achieving Gender Equality

There are plenty of women superstars in every field — their stories just aren’t shared as often. Imagine the landscape if we changed the narrative.

Women in the Skilled Trades Propel Their Careers Forward with Worley

More women are entering the workforce than ever, and as they occupy senior positions, the tired narrative around skilled trades as a male field is changing.

For Women in Engineering, Rewarding Careers Await

There’s a wealth of female engineering talent that’s going untapped, and three female engineers weigh in on how to change this picture.

Let Us Lead with Respect: manacihitowin

The University of Saskatche‌wan’s Jacqueline ‌Ottmann explains how the University Plan 2025 works collaboratively toward reconciliation and decolonization.

The Powerful Impact of Leading by Example

The stigma around women in leadership has decreased, but there’s still much to be done toward achieving gender parity. Below, four leading women share their experiences and career advice for young women.

Manjit Minhas’ Top Tips for Career Advancement

Dragon Manjit Minhas started her first company when she was 19. She reflects on her path to success, entrepreneurship, and tips for career advancement.

Michele Romanow’s Advice for Women in Business

Maybe best known for her role on Dragons’ Den, Clearbanc co-founder Michele Romanow shares her story, advice, and encouragement for young women in business.

Empowering Women in the Bioeconomy

Cathy Miner, Managing Partner at Shadow Lake Group, identifies seven key barriers that prevent businesses from dismantling the gender gap.

Why Women Entrepreneurs Need to Create Their Own Success

We asked Laurie Clark, serial entrepreneur and founder of two fintech companies, for her advice about women’s empowerment in the workplace.

The Scotiabank Women Initiative Is Just Getting Started

Women entrepreneurs face many challenges when starting and growing their businesses. Here’s how The Scotiabank Women Initiative empowers them.

Why Mentor?

Suzan Denoncourt, Women in Payments mentor, explains the importance of mentoring women in business — for both the mentee and the mentor.

Lauren Howe: From Engineering to Miss Universe — And Back

We asked Lauren Howe, Miss Universe Canada 2017, about why diversity is important in STEM and how we can break down the stigma around girls in STEM.

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