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Agricultural Innovation

green fields agricultural innovation
green fields agricultural innovation

The Agricultural Innovation campaign aims to shed light on the sector, celebrate achievements in sustainability, advancements in technology, and promote opportunities for further partnership and economic growth.

Q&A with Canada’s Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food

The Honourable Marie-Claude Bibeau shares why it’s important for youth to enter the agriculture sector and what challenges the industry is currently facing.

Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers Utilizes VR to Promote Canada’s Economic Future

Data from the Canadian Centre for Food Integrity suggests that Canadians trust their food system but are growing more and more interested in how their food is produced

The Plant-Based Sector Is Good for Canada — Here’s Why

The plant-based sector in Canada is growing rapidly, and this growth is providing myriad benefits for Canadians.

AgScape Is Leading the Way in Ontario Food and Agriculture Education

Teaching Ontario’s youth about food and the career opportunities in agri-business should be an important component of their education.

Celebrating the Many Contributions of Canadian Canola Growers

Canadian canola growers support our economic and environmental goals, so let’s ensure that we’re supporting them, too.

Soil Health Is Public Health: Supporting the Stewards of the Greenbelt

Modern soil science is a marvel, and it makes clear the need to preserve the health of Ontario’s Greenbelt soil. It’s going to be the farmers who step up to do it.

How Advanced Technology Plays a Role in Modern Farming

To meet the increased demand for food and ensure food security, farmers must do more with less. Here’s how digital tools help.

Pointing to a Sustainable Future: Managing On-Farm Used Plastics

Like many sectors in the Canadian economy, in agriculture, efficient food production on the farm is possible, in part, because of the use of plastics.

Alberta Innovates Is Advancing the Transformation of Agriculture Through Smart Technologies

More farmers are going high-tech to remain productive and competitive. Alberta Innovates acts as a bridge between technology and agriculture.

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