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Canada's Infrastructure

Building Canada’s Infrastructure

highways canada infrastructure
highways canada infrastructure

The Federal Government is investing in major infrastructure projects to build the systems Canada needs to keep up on a global scale. It is crucial to demonstrate to the general population, government officials, investors, and other key stakeholders that Canada’s infrastructure industry is up to the task to create solutions for the Canadian future.

Transforming Infrastructure Development Through Digital Technologies

Over the next decade, hundreds of billions of dollars will be spent on infrastructure across Canada…

Innovating from Within to Deliver Canada’s Infrastructure

Building Canada’s infrastructure requires innovation in construction techniques and an integrated approach to project management and execution.

A Leading Canadian Engineering Practice Helps Forward Thinking Clients Drive Green Solutions

Employee-owned, solution-oriented, and ambitious, Morrison Hershfield has been in engineering communities for over 75 years.

Building Back a Better Canada Will Take Green Industries

With the federal government investing in major infrastructure projects to enhance Canada’s global competitiveness, workers with environmental competencies are in high demand.

Our 1+1=3 Approach to Construction Engineering and Permanent Structure Design

Entuitive’s work begins with design and continues through construction, maintenance, and renewal.

entuitive building construction
Construction at 42 Hubbard Boulevard, Toronto

Canada Has the Will, Talent to Build More Innovative Infrastructure

Investing in well-designed, constructed, and maintained infrastructure that meets the needs of today has never been of greater importance.

How Data-Driven Strategies Are Pushing Innovation

Data is often the key to making smart and effective decisions for projects. But understanding all the data available can be difficult for many organizations.

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