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Business Resilience

Hand holding a briefcase and a surgical mask
Hand holding a briefcase and a surgical mask

In these times of uncertainty, businesses need the right tools, strategies, and information to strengthen organizational resilience and avoid downtime. Business Resilience showcases the leaders who have instilled a resilient culture by re-tooling, innovating, and ensuring continuity for the well-being of Canadians and our economy.

There’s Light at the End of the Tunnel for Pandemic-Stricken Businesses

We asked Yohaan Thommy, Consulting Partner with MNP, how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected Canadian companies and how they can weather this storm,

Crisis Management Is Critical — Here’s How to Prepare

When disaster strikes every part of an organization is impacted, and all groups have a role to play — including its board of directors.

The Best Business Leaders Are Prepared for Crises

Whether it’s a pandemic, a cyber attack, or the loss of a key supplier, a crisis presents unique challenges — and the best leaders are ready to meet them.

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Resilient Cities with Richard Florida

We spoke with economist Richard Florida to understand the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on the Canadian economy and how cities and business can be resilient.

Construction Firm Hands Out Tech and Culture to Employees

The construction industry is sometimes viewed as archaic, but the COVID-19 pandemic may have spurred lasting cultural change.

Staying Cyber-Healthy During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Remote work can raise risks if employees are using personal laptops, tablets, and phones that aren’t subject to the same good security measures.

Create a Secure Network for Your Remote Employees

There are tools to help companies dealing with a remote workforce to make it easier and more secure for employees — like those from Palo Alto Networks.

Cybersecurity Tips in the Face of a Pandemic

As more companies adopt work-from-home policies, cybersecurity is a growing issue. Read Palo Alto Networks’ tips for businesses and individuals to stay safe.

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Business Continuity Plans Are Vital, Especially During a Crisis

The Disaster Recovery Institute International has spent decades training business continuity professionals. Here are its tips for coming back from a pandemic.

Expert Panel: Building a Resilient Canada

Three industry-leading organizations explore the current Canadian business environment while providing tips and tools that map our road to recovery.

Mapping the Road to Recovery: 9 Key Challenges

Dr. Trevin Stratton, Canadian Chamber of Commerce, explains how Canadians must look to a post-COVID-19 world to plan how the economy can emerge stronger.

Organizational Resilience Is Key to Successful Planning and Response

To plan for the “new normal,” progressive organizations are investing in resilience, which is a more strategic and proactive focus on long-term viability.

Designing Your Reopening Infection Control Program

Experts from ECOH and the DRIE explain how reopening your business requires systematic thinking about how to institute a workplace infection control program.

Invest in Your Reputation: Disinfection in the Post-Pandemic World

As we begin the slow journey of reopening, businesses need to focus on doing their part to protect their staff and clients with proper disinfectant practices.

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