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Canada’s Nuclear Future

nuclear generating station
nuclear generating station

Canada’s Nuclear Future campaign is uniting industry leaders to educate people on innovations in Canada’s nuclear energy industry, fill knowledge gaps, and highlight the leading organizations and companies helping Canada meet our climate goals.

Effective Regulators Don’t Impede Innovation

The role of Canada’s nuclear regulator is to protect people from risk, not get in the way of progress.

An Innovative and Collaborative Approach to Dealing with Nuclear Waste

The Nuclear Waste Management Organization is taking an innovative, industry-leading approach to the safe, long-term management of nuclear waste.

Creating a Cleaner and Greener Future with the Power of Nuclear Energy

Innovation and leadership in the nuclear sector from companies like Hatch are fuelling hope for a carbon-free future.

Q&A with Industry Icon Tracy Primeau on Mentorship and Opportunities in Nuclear

Mediaplanet spoke with Tracy Primeau about the opportunities in Canada’s nuclear industry, working with Indigenous communities, and more.

Future of Nuclear: Q&A with Nuclear Expert Darryl Spector

Mediaplanet chatted with Darryl Spector, President of Promation, about Canada’s world-leading nuclear industry, its recent innovations, and where it’s headed.

Nuclear’s Impact and Opportunities: Q&A with Industry Vet Lisa McBride

Mediaplanet spoke with Lisa McBride of GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy about the industry’s impact and opportunities, including for women.

How One Company is Helping Canada Lead the Energy Transition

Cutting-edge innovations by nuclear energy leader GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy power up Canada’s leadership in carbon-free technology.

ge hitachi campus
Photo courtesy of GEH

Delivering Nuclear Power to Achieve a Sustainable Environment

Since its formation in 1998, the World Nuclear Transport Institute has developed practices to safely, securely, reliably, and efficiently transport radioactive materials.

Look for the Helpers: Conversations with Climate-Anxious Kids

Phillip is the Director of the NII Explore program at the Nuclear Innovation Institute in Port Elgin, Ontario.

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