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Canadian Innovation

Entrepreneur in the workshop
Entrepreneur in the workshop
Photo courtesy of entrepreneurship@UBC

Given the economic hardships and complications the COVID-19 pandemic has imposed on virtually every sector in Canada, the need for adaptability has never been greater. The 2020 edition of Canadian Innovation celebrates our resilience as a nation by featuring the leaders across Canada’s diverse markets, from AI to VR and agriculture to aerospace, who are pushing past the limits of our imaginations to create a rich future for Canadians.

Promoting Entrepreneurship and Innovation across the Nation through the CANIE Awards

In a time when innovation and ingenuity is more crucial than ever, the 2020 CANIE Awards recognizes excellence in Canadian innovation and entrepreneurship.

Michele Romanow on Canada’s Innovation Landscape

Serial entrepreneur and Dragon on Dragons’ Den, Michele Romanow shares her thoughts on entrepreneurship and the landscape for innovation in Canada.

Innovation Is the Key to Canada’s Economic Rebound

Canada’s tech ventures are important to the economy. As we begin to reopen, these firms will play major roles in the adjustment to the new normal.

Cyclica Is Building the Biotech Pipeline of the Future

By executing at scale on their innovative business model on the back of their discovery platform, Cyclica is creating the biotech pipeline of the future.

How Beaumont Is Changing the Game for Innovation in Canada

Through embracing risk-taking and innovation, the Beaumont, AB has become one of Canada’s top emerging tech hubs — and they’re just getting started.

Beaumont in Talks to Host One of Canada’s Fastest Fibre-optic Networks

Beaumont, AB, is becoming one of North America’s first 10 Gigabit cities with the highest speed fibre-optic broadband internet infrastructure available.

Using AI and VR to Help Pivot Careers and Develop Job-Ready Graduates

For Canadian job-seekers in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, AI and VR present unprecedented opportunities. Bow Valley College is proof — learn how.

Helping Students Launch Their Futures in Aviation and Aerospace

Learn about the Canadian Council for Aviation & Aerospace’s exciting initiatives designed to train and employ the next wave of domestic graduates.

Canadian Farmer Andrew Campbell on Agricultural Innovation

Andrew Campbell — farmer, Founder of Fresh Air Media, and agriculture influencer — weighs in on innovation in farming and the future of Canadian agriculture.

Growing Innovation in Saskatchewan’s Biobusiness

Mediaplanet spoke with Ag-West Bio President and CEO, Karen Churchill, about how Saskatchewan’s ag-science sector is advancing value-added agriculture.

Disruptive Technology on Display — in 3D

Avalon Holographics has developed the world’s most advanced “natural 3D” commercial light field display — and it’s poised to disrupt the global display market.

Durham College Helps SMEs Access Talent and Technology

Research isn’t just about microscopes and lab coats — it’s about solving real-world problems for local businesses. Here’s how SMEs work with Durham College.

Durham College at dusk
Photos courtesy of Durham college

How One Innovative Canadian Startup Is Improving Road Safety

By harnessing artificial intelligence to analyze near-miss data, Winnipeg startup MicroTraffic is helping to proactively mitigate traffic collisions.

entrepreneurship@UBC Is Mobilizing Knowledge through Venture Creation

entrepreneurship@UBC: Launching transformative companies from the research and innovation of the University of British Columbia (UBC).

Eyes on Geospatial Data Could Reap Rewards for Canadian Business

Geospatial data was once solely leveraged in map production, but the contextual information it provides can now be crucial to success in many industries.

Innovation Could Be the Solution to Canada’s Growing Health Care Crisis

The Canadian health care system was once the envy of the world. According to Health City, it could be again — if innovation is embraced.

New Water Tech Ensures Safe Drinking Water and Environmental Protection

With more cities and communities around the world facing rapidly-deteriorating water infrastructure, SANEXEN WATER developed a game-changing solution.

How a Virtual Assistant Is Revolutionizing the Museum Experience

MCpl Lana recently joined the Ontario Regiment RCAC Museum, but she isn’t any ordinary recruit: she’s a virtual assistant — an AI — developed by CloudConstable.

Canadian Biotech Offers Hope for COVID-19 Vaccine

Dr. Riam Shammaa, Founder and CEO of IntelliStem, explains how innovative cell therapy research in Canada could hold the answer for a COVID-19 vaccine.

Unlocking the Future of 5G Technology

TELUS has launched its first-wave 5G network in five major areas and will continue to expand to an additional 26 markets across Canada throughout 2020.

The Key to Solving COVID-19 Air Travel Challenges Is Collaboration

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on air travel, Swoop is using its challenger-brand mentality to find simple and innovative solutions to problems.

Is Pay-As-You-Go Auto Insurance the Way of the Future?

Fewer Canadians are commuting now due to more flexible work-from-home options. CAA MyPace™ offers Canada’s only pay-as-you-go insurance option.

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