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Celebrating Canada’s Forests

Aerial view of a dense pine forest
Aerial view of a dense pine forest

Forests play an integral role in Canadian culture, the economy — and our lives. Learn about sustainable forestry practices, careers in modern forestry, and more in Celebrating Canada’s Forests.

Mike Holmes Jr. on Sustainability and Carpentry

To television host, contractor, and carpenter Mike Holmes Jr., working with Canadian wood is second nature — and sustainability an important consideration.

We Are a Forest Nation: Exploring Canada’s Interdependent Connection to Healthy Forests

Do You Know the True Value of Canada’s Forests?

The Canadian Institute of Forestry’s Mark Pearson reflects on the oft-overlooked values of Canada’s forests to the nation’s citizens.

Connection with Forests Is a Two-Way Path

Albi Sole from the Outdoor Council of Canada, a national non-profit organization, highlights the need to rebuild our connection with our forests.

Why Urban Forests Are Integral to Healthy Cities

Tree Canada is dedicated to planting and nurturing trees across Canada. Here’s CEO Danielle St-Aubin on the urban forests and their health benefits.

Interested in a Career in Forestry? The Sault May Be for You

Sault College’s perfect geographic juxtaposition and unmatched experiential learning offer prospective forestry students something truly unique.

Careers in Canadian Forests Have Evolved — So Has Fleming College

Careers in Canadian forests are no longer limited to traditional sectors, and Fleming College is preparing students for a diverse range of career paths.

Behind the Flames: Addressing Canada’s Forest Fires

As Canada faces increasingly greater challenges from forest fires, Canada Wildfire urges that the need to understand them is higher than ever.

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