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Cleantech Innovation

Cleantech Innovation

water dam cleantech
water dam cleantech

The Cleantech Innovation campaign aims to be a comprehensive resource guide on the current state and future potential of cleantech in Canada while highlighting the innovative organizations driving the advancement of these technologies.

The Race Is On: Accelerating a Sustainable Future for Canada

Here in Canada, global technology pioneer ABB is leading the way in the drive for clean mobility electrification and digitalization.

Enabling Commercial and Industrial Decarbonization with Amp

Corporate decarbonization can be a long and complicated process, but Amp helps its clients become leaders in the push to net-zero.

Alberta’s Future is Lithium: From Oil Powerhouse to Battery Powerhouse

As we transition into a green energy era, it’s time for Canada to redefine its role as a global energy leader.

Solstex® Line of Solar Facades Generate More than Just Clean Energy

The Solstex® Solar Façade System enables building owners to generate clean energy, save on electricity costs, and provide community benefits.

Already a Hub for Cleantech, Guelph Now Leading Transition to Circular Economy

A long-time leader in cleantech and sustainability, Guelph is transitioning to the circular economy. Here’s how Innovation Guelph is supporting that transition.

KPM Power’s Battery Management Systems a Catalyst for Cleantech Innovation

Getting cleantech innovations to market can be challenging. KPM Power’s Battery Management Systems are helping to remove major barriers to electrification.

Cultivating a Competitive Cleantech Canada

If Canada is going to be competitive through the clean technology revolution, we will need to empower our innovative small and medium enterprises.

Clean Energy: Solar’s Power to Transform

As Canada electrifies its economy, solar is ready to rapidly transform underutilized spaces into distributed energy infrastructure.

Our Clean and Resilient Electric Future, Powered by Water

Canada has committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 40 to 45 percent below 2005 levels by 2030

Government of Canada Measures to Enable the Clean Tech Sector

In addition to providing financial support for clean technology, the federal government carefully measures and coordinates its efforts.

Q&A with Energy Storage Canada

Energy storage’s flexibility and its ability to complement existing systems, offer a range of benefits at the grid level.

Canada Needs More DC Quick Charging, Especially in Winter

In cities and highway rest stops, the case for more ultra-fast charging grows with dropping temperatures.

What Do Canadian Cleantech Ventures Need to Succeed?

By focusing on the three C’s, we can collectively support the commercialization and adoption of cleantech solutions that combat climate change.

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