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Diversity in Business

Caroline Codsi
Caroline Codsi

Diversity practices are an integral part of business. From collaborating with local Indigenous communities to empowering women entrepreneurs, read about what an equitable and varied workforce brings to the table — and the organizations that are spearheading diversity and inclusivity in Canada.

Diversity and Social Engagement — The Keys to Excellence

Diversity programs can set the stage for community engagement in an industry not known for inclusivity; take it from about CMiC’s Ready, Set, Build! initiative.

Women in Governance Is Moving the Needle on Gender Diversity in Corporate Canada

Gender parity is far from the norm at Canadian companies. Women in Governance uses concrete assessment tools to shift the landscape.

Diversity Is a Fact. Inclusion Is a Choice.

Inclusion doesn’t just happen; it’s a choice, and in today’s world, it’s a choice that an employer should make for the benefit of their organization.

How Purchasing Power Builds Inclusive Innovation Ecosystems

Promoting gender equality requires intentional strategies and accountability in every aspect of an organization’s strategy to drive system change.

Nutrien’s Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion: A Win-Win

Nutrien goes beyond diversity hiring, incorporating diversity practices into every aspect of its business — such as their Aboriginal Content Playbook.

How CAMSC is Promoting Diverse Procurement Practice

For 15 years CAMSC has been the connector between Indigenous- and minority-owned businesses and corporate companies dedicated to supplier diversity.

The Scotiabank Women Initiative Is Just Getting Started

Women entrepreneurs face many challenges when starting and growing their businesses. Here’s how The Scotiabank Women Initiative empowers them.

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