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Future of Fintech

crypto fintech lp
crypto fintech lp

The Future of FinTech campaign aims to educate this market on the innovative technologies and emerging trends within the key financial services sectors and connect them with the solutions that will serve them best.

Spiros Margaris – Leading Finance Influencer’s Take on the World of Fintech

“Succeeding as a fintech is like cake — you need many good ingredients to make it tasty.”

At Last, an Easy, Instant Way to Get into the Bitcoin Market

In these uncertain financial times, investors are looking for alternative ways to protect their wealth. Bitcoin is one of them.

How One Canadian Company Is Innovating Pay for Hospitality Workers

Canadian-based XTM has an innovative solution that’s disrupting traditional banking and becoming popular with employers and employees alike.

Here’s How Coinchange Is Making Crypto Investments Safe and Easy

Learn about Decentralized Finance and how yield farming cryptocurrency can lead to achieving higher yearly returns than the average ETF.

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