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cheryl farrow hs

Cheryl Farrow, MBA, CAE

Chief Executive Officer, OACETT

Diversity of talent is imperative to Ontario’s growth – OACETT is providing the necessary supports for newcomers to succeed for generations.

According to Industry Canada’s 2016 labour market statistics, close to 600,000 immigrants residing in Ontario identified as professionals with a background in STEM. While the number of newcomers across the province has continued to increase, businesses across multiple industries have reported labour shortages that threaten Ontario’s economic growth. Many stakeholders can play a role in reducing barriers for these newcomers.


As of December 2021, Ontario adopted amendments to Bill 27: Working for Workers Act which includes a provision prohibiting certain regulated professions from requiring Canadian work experience to obtain a license. For many years, the Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists (OACETT) has focused on assisting internationally educated professionals along their career paths, including offering alternatives to Canadian work experience since 2016. Other OACETT supports include newcomer membership discounts, networking opportunities, and free educational resources. The more pathways international members are given to succeed, the better off we all are. Diversity of talent is a crucial driver of Ontario’s economy that will help to fuel growth and prosperity for generations to come.

OACETT is a professional association and certifying body representing 23,000 engineering and applied science technicians and technologists across Ontario and confers the designations C.Tech (Certified Technician) and C.E.T. (Certified Engineering Technologist).

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