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Rethinking Plastics and Packaging

plastic packaging trash
plastic packaging trash

The Rethinking Plastics and Packaging campaign aims to help raise awareness and connect readers to brands innovating in the plastic and sustainable packaging space, while also closing knowledge gaps on proper waste disposal practices, the circular economy, and the effect plastics have on oceans and marine life.

Kathryn Kellogg’s Advice on “Going Zero Waste”

Mediaplanet sat down with Kathryn Kellogg, zero waste influencer and author of “101 Ways to go Zero Waste” to learn her tips on leading a sustainable lifestyle.

KFC’s Bold Sustainability Strides Are Setting an Industry Example

KFC’s commitment to sustainable packaging is setting an example for the industry and helping to protect our planet.

Eliminating Plastic Waste at Source in the Circular Economy

Plastic can be a valuable material. But the amount of it that currently ends up in oceans and landfill is now almost universally recognized as unacceptable.

Making Your Coffee Habit Sustainable Just Got Way Easier

Club Coffee’s innovations and strong partnerships are helping Canadian coffee lovers make more conscious, sustainable choices.

Plastic Pollution is a Threat to Global Security

The plastic pollution crisis meets the underlying criteria necessary to classify the issue as a threat to global security, yet it lacks a legally binding global treaty.

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