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Joe Mimran

Joe Mimran

Founder and Creative Director, gry mattr

One of the most important things we’ve learned from the last two years of working remotely is that a beautiful workspace can help keep you motivated, organized and even inspired.

Style and design are important to Canadians when designing their home workspaces,” explains John DeFranco, Chief Commercial Officer, Staples Canada. “Products and accessories that are found in a traditional office didn’t necessarily suit their home décor and enable their personal productivity.”

That’s what sparked the partnership between Staples and iconic Canadian fashion designer Joe Mimran, founder of Joe Fresh and Club Monaco, and a dragon on three seasons of CBC’s Dragon’s Den. Mimran joined forces with Staples to create Gry Mattr, which serves stylish products for home offices, such as workspaces furniture, modern and retro style blue light glasses, sleek wireless charging pads and beautiful carafes. The partnership has helped Staples launch hundreds of new and innovative products to support customers in the transition to hybrid work.

“We saw an opening in the market for slightly more sophisticated design concepts,” says Mimran.

When you’re in a chair that is that comfortable and fitted for you, you feel better and think better — you’re more productive

ergo lifestyle chair office

Ergonomic solutions for your well-being

With more time spent in front of our screens, Canadians are now turning their attention to health and wellness. Increasingly, Canadians are looking to integrate more ergonomic options into their workspaces.

Recognizing the need for a stylish and ergonomic work chair, Staples and Mimran recently announced their newest collaboration. The airCentric 3™ is a thoughtfully-designed chair made with high-quality materials. Developed with ergoCentric, North America’s premier manufacturer of high-quality ergonomic seating, it offers backrest and lumbar support that mirrors the natural curves of your spine. The armrests have height, width, and 360° swivel adjustment features, so you can type, text and read in comfort.

“The airCentric 3™ brings together all the features our customers have been looking for, and combines them with the latest science from leading ergonomists to introduce what we believe is Canada’s best ergonomic chair in its price category,” says DeFranco.

The chair can be custom fitted to your needs as a result of high-level engineering. With three size options, proprietary air-flow technology and patented adjustment features, the airCentric 3™ enables you to sit in your ideal posture.

“When you’re in a chair that is that comfortable and fitted for you, you feel better and think better — you’re more productive,” Mimran adds.

The future of work

Mimran is part of the Staples Work From Anywhere Advisory Council, which brings together experts in areas like wellness, productivity, ergonomics, design, behavioural science to create solutions for the future of work.

“As The Working and Learning Company, we have a responsibility to customers to help them through the new ways of working,” says DeFranco. “We created the Work From Anywhere Advisory Council to ensure we were thinking holistically about solutions to support our customers.”

DeFranco says that the Work From Anywhere Advisory Council has been instrumental in new product development, as well as ensuring Staples is delivering the right type of content and education to its customers.

The airCentric 3™ is Made in Canada and will be available for $599.99 exclusively at 300+ Staples stores in Canada, and online at staples.ca starting March 30th.

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