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Supporting Canada’s Newcomers

mena massoud
mena massoud

Supporting Canada’s Newcomers campaign aims to act as a resource guide for newcomers in Canada. We also want to celebrate Canada’s immigrant population and promote Canadian values of diversity, inclusion, and acceptance.

Windmill Microlending Empowers New Canadians to Succeed in the Workplace

Highly skilled immigrants often struggle to get their credentials recognized in Canada. Windmill helps ease this transition by offering affordable loans.

Learn How to Succeed in A Whole New World with Mena Massoud

We sat down with Disney’s Aladdin star, Mena Massoud to share his newcomer journey in Canada as an Egyptian immigrant.

Welcome to Canada: How RBC Empowers Newcomers to Succeed

Learn how RBC is supporting newcomers with tailored solutions for all their banking needs and beyond.

Thunder Bay, Where Possibilities Are Unexpectedly Endless

Thunder Bay, as the hub of northwestern Ontario – this friendly and down-to-earth community is an ideal place to live, work, and do business. 

How Immigration Can Boost Canada’s Post-pandemic Economic Recovery

Canada aims to increase immigration following slowed population growth due to COVID-19 travel restrictions.

Head North: Cities Like Timmins Welcome Newcomers to Canada

Life in a smaller Canadian city can be the answer to a better quality of life for newcomers.

Young Newcomer? Achieve Academic Goals with Extra Support

Canada’s young adult immigrants need extra assistance to attain their academic goals and start their careers off on the right foot.

Skilled Refugees: Discovering Untapped Talent

Talent Beyond Boundaries envisions a world where forcibly displaced people can use their skills and talents to move to secure their futures.

Refugees Are Good For Canada

Research proves that while refugees benefit from the safe, new life that Canada provides, they’re also a major asset to the country.

Newcomer Services Ease The Settlement Process

Immigrant and refugee serving agencies across Ontario stayed open to help new arrivals settle in a new community in Canada.

Trusted Newcomer Services Help Immigrants and Refugees Achieve Their Full Potential

With a bright future ahead, newcomers to Canada can smoothly transition to their new lives with help from Achēv.

Need to Complete Your Immigration Medical Process? This Medical Center Can Help

Over the next year, more than 400,000 immigrants will enter Canada to study, start new businesses, and grow Canada’s workforce and economy.

Welcome to Brantford: How This City is Helping Newcomers Settle into Canada

Learn more about how the City of Brantford is offering newcomers an opportunity to make a difference and connect to their communities.

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