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The Future of Plastics

Bea Johnson campaign header
Bea Johnson campaign header

In light of the Canadian government’s recent announcement that single-use plastics will be banned beginning in 2021, The Future of Plastics explores the developing array of alternatives to, and alternative uses for, plastics.

Living a Zero-Waste Lifestyle is Easier Than You Think

Learn how author, blogger and inspirational speaker Bea Johnson and her family manage to produce only one small jar worth of waste annually!

The Final Straw: Collaboration Is the Answer to Canada’s Plastic Pollution Problem

A future approach to manage plastic waste depends on governments, businesses, and citizens collaborating on these three solutions.

How Canadian Industry Is Addressing Our Plastic Waste Problem

The ‘plastic’ problem is not the material itself but the inefficient manner in which it’s managed that allows so much of it to leak into the environment.

The Future of Plastics Is Our Choice to Make

In Canada, only about 10% of the plastic we use gets recycled. The Zero Waste Conference is collaborating to find innovative ways of handling the waste.

Plastic Coffee Pods: Good, Bad or Just Plain Ugly?

Learn what happens after you throw out your plastic coffee pod — and then say yes to the environment by choosing certified compostable coffee pods.

Moving Towards a Plastic-Free Future

Plastic is flooding our communities, but people around the world are charting a course to a future free from problematic plastic. It is possible.

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