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The Future of Transportation

Long exposure of lights under a bridge at night
Long exposure of lights under a bridge at night

New technologies, rapidly growing urban centres, and globalization are some examples of factors presenting paradigm shift in our transportation systems. The Future of Transportation showcases the leaders who, through innovation, are solving Canada’s complex transportation challenges.

Investing in Transportation Infrastructure Is Essential to Strengthening Canada’s Economy

Canadians depend on transportation infrastructure, but the latest data shows that urgent government attention and long-term investment is needed.

Transforming Canada’s Communities Through Sustainable Infrastructure

We’re changing the way we make decisions on our core public infrastructure as a result of climate change, including the way we think about transportation.

Collaboration Software Helping Build Construction Projects

Learn about Procore’s cloud-based construction management software, a collaborative tool that connects all stakeholders involved in a building project.

Canada’s Economic Preparedness Starts with a Long-Term Strategic Approach

As a key partner in global supply chains, Canada is dependent on the reliable and efficient movement of goods and services across its vast geography.

Accessible Travel: Innovating to Bring Down the Barriers

Evolving needs and expectations for accessible travel — economic, environmental, safety-related — are spurring innovation across all transportation sectors.

Economics Drive the Future of Electric Cars

John Stonier, President of the Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association, reflects on the advantages, challenges, and future of electric vehicles.

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