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The Power of Cleantech

Canola field, wind farm, and mountains
Canola field, wind farm, and mountains

The Power of Cleantech highlights Canada’s key players in cleantech innovation and the battle against climate change. Read about renewable energy, electric vehicles, and the leaders fighting for a brighter, cleaner future.

Stretching Our Carbon Budget with Nuclear Power

Given how short our timeline is, nuclear power offers a practical way ahead, and it’s already doing a lot to keep carbon out of our atmosphere.

Are We Missing the Bigger Energy Picture?

Canada: let’s talk energy, but let’s talk about the whole energy picture — because a strong clean energy sector is a strong energy future.

The Evolution of Electric Vehicle Charging in Canada

Whether it’s for your home life or your business, the decision to implement an electric vehicle charging station requires careful planning.

The Future of Transportation is Electric Vehicles

By 2030, electric vehicles are expected to represent 30% of sales of light duty vehicles, 55% of buses and 13% of heavy-duty vehicles.

How EVs and Renewable Energy Bring Out the Best in Each Other

As electric vehicles evolve, a comprehensive charging infrastructure will help create value from the significant amount of time cars are parked.

How Canada Can Capitalize on a Trillion-Dollar Opportunity

Although Canada paints a promising picture of an ecosystem that supports rising cleantech firms, there are a number of barriers to scaling such companies.

Exploring the expo at GLOBE Forum
Exploring the expo at GLOBE Forum

Waterpower: Canada’s Original Clean Technology

The need for cleantech has never been greater. Waterpower, Canada’s original cleantech, is poised to play a large role in our country’s energy transition.

Power from the North Spreading Across the Globe

Northland Power has been a developer of clean and green power facilities since 1987 and now operates over $10 billion high quality power generating assets.

How Canadian Businesses Are Fighting Climate Change with Green Energy

Learn how Canadian businesses can contribute to a greener future and smaller carbon footprint by purchasing renewable power from green retailers.

Climate Emergency: Why Renewable Energy Is More Important Than Ever

Climate change is also a major threat to biological diversity — the variety of species and ecosystems on Earth.

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