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Understanding AI

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Understanding AI header

Understanding AI provides an all-encompassing look at the forces shaping AI development in Canada. Learn about the field’s opportunities from its industry leaders, decision makers, investors, and educators.

Powerful AI Technology Is Transforming Business as We Know It

Read how mid-sized enterprises that invest in artificial intelligence and machine learning are gaining great returns and a competitive edge.

Exponential Technologies with Dr. Peter Diamandis

Dr. Peter H. Diamandis — entrepreneur, educator, and technology leader — explores the opportunities and challenges found in global AI development.

Graduate Students at the Forefront of AI Development

Through student internships and collaborations with academia, the industry can count on our graduate students to help it become ‘AI-savvy.’

Cleared for Takeoff: How WestJet Is Using AI to Raise the Bar on Guest Experience

Meet Juliet, an AI-powered chatbot that was first integrated into WestJet’s Facebook Messenger and has since expanded to the Google Assistant platform.

Flight Path to Success: How WestJet Is Leading the Way in the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence Technologies

Alfredo C. Tan, WestJet’s Chief Digital & Innovation Officer, shares why now is the perfect time to be involved in advancing AI technologies.

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Canadian AI Innovation

The following industry-leading start-ups and experts explore the AI landscape in Canada and discuss topics of innovation, ethics, strategy, and their various initiatives taking AI from hype to happening!

Utilizing AI in the Fight Against Climate Change

Could AI-driven autonomous buildings play a critical role in our ability to slow down climate change? For BrainBox AI, the answer is an unequivocal yes.

The New Relationship Between Humans and AI

The co-founders of AIR believe Canada’s collaborative research and history of game development positions the country at the forefront of THE AI revolution.

Driving ESG Improvement with AI

How can companies connect their corporate financial and ESG performances? TerraHub’s Dan Giurescu explains how it starts with collecting irrefutable data.

The Future of Education Is Powered by AI

Learn the impossible: the mission of Korbit Technologies is to bring personalized, high-quality education to everyone in the world through AI.

An AI Strategy Requires More Than Just Data Governance Principles

Scott Smith from the Chamber of Commerce discusses Canada’s AI strategy and how it can improved in ways that lead to real opportunity for global leadership.

Canadian Businesses Must Adopt AI to Remain Competitive

Canada can lead the world in artificial intelligence innovation, but our businesses fare poorly when it comes to investment in and adoption of AI.

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