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Advancing Women's Leadership

Shattering the Glass Ceiling for Good? This Company Is Leading the Way

Woman working with machinery
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Woman working with machinery
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Geneviève Thériaut

Manager of Technical Services, DPG

Tina Fasone

Supply Chain Manager, DPG

Mélanie Therrien

Vice President of Finance, DPG

A leader in female-focused pharmaceuticals that also prioritizes workplace gender parity, DPG is dedicated to bettering women’s lives in every capacity.

Comprised of five companies based in Canada and the U.S., Duchesnay Pharmaceutical Group (DPG) promotes the well-being of entire societies by contributing to the health of every individual at every stage of life.

Having two entities specialized in delivering cutting-edge treatments for rare diseases to Canadian and American markets and one entity operating in the field of generics, DPG, since the early 80-ies, is engaged in developing and producing innovative therapies for women’s health enabling women to reach their full potential while securing them control over their lives which is the main mission of Duchesnay (Canada) and Duchesnay USA. From a technologically impressive manufacturing plant in Blainville, Que., it sends state-of-the-art treatments around the world.

Holding strong to its values of excellence, innovation, integrity, and collaboration, the organization also maintains an inclusive corporate environment. In fact, it attributes its success to having a diverse workforce and shifting women into leadership roles traditionally held by men. Plus, DPG recruits from hiring pools that tend to be looked over, such as pregnant women and formerly retired persons — reducing bias based on gender, age, and other prejudices.

Encouraging professional development

The organization’s commitment to its people fulfillment makes significant part of its Corporate Road Map to 2030. DPG pledges to continue to provide quality products to patients throughout the world while fostering an environment of personal growth for its diverse workforce.

DPG is empowering its female employees by validating their experiences and fostering professional advancement. Manager of Technical Services Geneviève Thériault felt that her hard work was recognized right away, and she got promoted to her current role shortly after she was hired five years ago. “[The leaders at Duchesnay] saw that I put the success of the team first, in addition to knowing how to listen to and understand the needs of the organization and of my team members,” she says.

A chemical engineer by training, Thériault is responsible for the operation and maintenance of equipment and utilities, ensuring that the manufacturing plant operates in accordance with regulations. Before joining DPG, she worked for 15 years as a compliance and validation consultant for various pharmaceutical companies.

Representation matters

Like many women in leadership positions, Thériault has faced gender bias. “In the past, I had the right to a salary review based on a gender equity study,” she says. “Although I was happy with the ’organization’s initiative, it’s absurd to think that we weren’t paid the same as men for equal work.”

She’s proud to now be working for an entity that employs many women in key roles and provides them with the necessary support to advance. “DPG has allowed me to develop as a leader by offering private coaching and exchanges with fellow managers,” she says.

As the Supply Chain Manager, Tina Fasone says the organization’s commitment to diversity is integral, as their team represents the culturally diverse customers it serves. “In leadership, diversity allows for different perspectives on topics so the best possible decisions can be made,” she says. “If everyone thinks alike, there are no forays into uncharted territories, there’s less creativity, and ideas may become stagnant.”

Working better together

With an expansive 30-year career in the pharmaceutical industry, Fasone pioneered a field that was traditionally male-dominant. “I was fortunate enough to have encountered people who believed in me and saw my potential,” she says. “However, I discovered that in many instances, I had to ensure that my voice was heard — especially in group discussions where the opinions of my male colleagues were solicited and mine were often overlooked.”

Fasone acknowledges that the organization’s support of a healthy work-life balance and flexible work arrangements are incredibly beneficial for women raising children. “It’s ideas like these that contribute to our Corporate Road Map to 2030, where we’ll foster an environment where we can all reach our full potential while continuing to provide quality products to patients,” she says.

The Duchesnay way

Mélanie Therrien is the Vice President of Finance at DPG. As a woman in a position of power, she says she had to work hard, be confident, and demonstrate resilience to access such a key role to the company’s success

As soon as I arrived at Duchesnay, I was surrounded by a team that believed in me and trusted me. Since then, I’ve been consistently supported.

“As soon as I arrived at DPG, I was surrounded by a team that believed in me and trusted me,” she says. “Since then, I’ve been consistently supported in obtaining the resources required for myself — like personalized training and knowledge transferrals — and for my team, like hiring new colleagues or outsourcing tasks.”

Therrien is inspired to take risks and be a confident leader because of what she refers to as “the Duchesnay way” — she’s supported by a workplace that’s respectful and personal, and that promotes teamwork. The key to the organization’s success is that everybody feels uplifted and valued.

“Plus, the flexibility means I can work from many different locations and be available for my family when it matters, all while leading teams and achieving results,” says Therrien. “That sense of accomplishment is important to me, as a role model for my daughter and my team at work, which is 100 per cent comprised of women!”

Promoting a highly professional workplace with great team spirit, DPG recognizes and capitalizes on the unique talents and skills of each team member. As its Corporate Road Map to 2030 attests, it’s the organization’s open-minded approach to teamwork that sets it apart.

Duchesnay Pharmaceutical Group is a role model in corporate responsibility — for its revered client services and also its commitment to its employees. The organization is truly advocating for the betterment of women’s health and overall quality of life in every capacity, starting within its doors. Learn more at

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