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Celebrating Canada's Diversity

Q&A with Indigenous Advocate & Activist Michelle Chubb

As we celebrate Canada’s diversity, what key aspects of Indigenous culture do you think are crucial for others to understand and appreciate?

I think it’s important for others to know what Indigenous people of Canada have endured for us to be here. The Indian Act is a key point of why we are still fighting to have our culture & language surviving today. The cultures & languages are slowly dying because of how the Indian act impacted us. Our resilience should be celebrated today because we’ve been through a lot & we are still here, thriving. 

How has your journey as an Indigenous content creator in Canada shaped your perspective on celebrating Indigenous culture?

For me, I see it as a tool to help other indigenous people to become more comfortable of where they come from & to keep seeking who they are by exploring the cultures more & learn their language. Especially the youth who look up to me as their role model, because of the suicidal epidemics that happens within these communities, they need that hope for their futures & do something to move the community forward, a better future for indigenous peoples.

Can you share some personal experiences or moments that have stood out to you while creating content that highlights the richness of Indigenous traditions?

I’ve been able to travel to Indigenous communities to give some motivational speaking & show the jingle dress dance, which some communities haven’t seen due to colonization. The love & welcoming I receive is always heartwarming, these communities give me hope for the future & I feel grateful to give them that little push. Also achieving in ways that I would have not thought I would achieve when I was younger, its mind-blowing where my journey has taken me. There is more to come for sure! 

As you reflect on your journey as an influencer, what achievements or moments are you most proud of in terms of promoting and celebrating Indigenous culture in Canada?

I’m very proud of all the things I’ve been able to achieve like becoming one of the top 25 women of influence of 2021, interviewed by teen vogue, Fashion Canada, & model for national campaigns for Sephora, Bonlook, & Summersalt. All this work also created & shaped of who I am today, I haven’t been able to speak for a TedxTalk if I was 4 years younger. It’s crazy how my work has impacted so many people which Im very very grateful for & humbled.

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