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Celebrating Canada's Diversity

What it means to increase Indigenous representation in the workplace.

There is an ongoing effort from corporate Canada and beyond to implement best practices to increase inclusion in the workplace.  

Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB), the Diversity Institute (DI), and The Future Skills Centre (FSC) will soon be releasing a report on ‘Skills for Inclusive Workplaces and the Advancement of Indigenous Peoples’. They have conducted research to look at the experiences of Indigenous leaders in the current Canadian business landscape, what skills and resources aspiring Indigenous leaders need to succeed, and how can employers create an environment that fosters Indigenous leadership.  

The report shows there is a significant imbalance between Indigenous leadership and non-Indigenous leadership. To overcome this, there must be a stronger focus on understanding differences in leadership styles and teachings and how to create a more ethical, empathetic, and sustainable workplace that leads to enhanced employee engagement.  

“We believe this report is essential to bring awareness of the benefits of including Indigenous leadership in their organizations, as well as providing an opportunity for aspiring Indigenous leaders to recognize themselves and their potential in the stories of the leaders who have walked this path before them,” says Angela Mark, Director of Research at CCAB. 

Creating an environment that recognizes and promotes Indigenous representation in the workplace is a step towards achieving meaningful reconciliation. Stronger Indigenous representation in leadership roles can bring fresh perspectives to a company and can positively impact its financial success.  

CCAB, DI, and FSC’s most recent report looks at how leadership styles and the inclusion of Indigenous people in leadership roles enhances confidence and creates resiliency.

In 2023, Statistics Canada highlighted that the Indigenous population continues to grow at a rate that’s faster than the non-Indigenous population, so it’s important to consider how businesses can best leverage this tremendous talent resource. This soon-to-be-released report will help businesses take proactive steps to do that.

“We engaged Indigenous business leaders in this research project and listened very carefully to their experiences and their advice to create this report, and we believe it will have a real impact on the engagement, retention and career progression of Indigenous employees across the country and a wide variety of professions and industries,” says Angela Mark. 

CCAB’s research reports can be accessed at

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