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Diversifying Canada's Skilled Trades

Empowering Women in Construction

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Lisa Laronde

President, Canadian Association of Women in Construction (CAWIC)

When we are ALL in construction, we are ALL stronger.

It is startling to realize that women account for approximately five per cent of the on-site construction workforce. In the face of the unprecedented need for skilled trades and the recognition of extraordinary career opportunities, the time is now to examine what needs to be done to attract and retain women in the sector. 

Women are an essential and growing part of the industry, and we continue to see the roles and opportunities grow. Women are making a mark, helping to drive the industry forward while building and strengthening Canada.  

We will be able to attract and retain women in construction roles if representation and inclusion exist in all areas, including leadership roles for those driving change. Change needs to start at the top. To attract top talent, construction workplaces must be safer, cleaner, and more reflective, responsive, and supportive of women. Evolving hiring practices will help organizations ensure better representation and will help attract future generations of women.

We cannot build Canada without a vibrant construction industry and women need to account for more than five per cent of that workforce. When we improve workplaces and job sites, we will attract women to an exciting, rewarding, flexible career that is transforming our country. 

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