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Diversity in STEM

Micro-Credentials in Technology Are Making a Huge Impact

University of Calgary Continuing Education offers a variety of technology certificates and digital badges to empower learners with up-to-date skills.

There’s more than one way to advance in your career. The emergence of micro-credentials as an alternative form of education is primarily fuelled by the dynamic nature of the contemporary workforce.

The rapid evolution of job requirements demands that professionals continuously update their skills and knowledge, and traditional education often lags in addressing these changing needs.


Micro-credentials offer a nimble solution by providing specific, up-to-date skills and knowledge in a condensed time frame, perfectly aligning with the concept of lifelong learning. Enabled by technology and the proliferation of online platforms, micro-credentials are easily accessible from anywhere, accommodating the schedules of busy professionals. Moreover, employers increasingly prioritize skills and certifications over traditional degrees, further driving the demand for short-cycle learning options, which offer a pathway to quick achievement and can be stacked over time to build a robust portfolio of qualifications.

Alternative credentials offer the opportunity for continuous learning, delivering in-time training to meet current and emerging skills needs. Empower yourself, stay adaptable, and be relevant in this rapidly changing job market.

Programs Available

Cloud Computing Fundamentals
45 hours
Cloud Security on Microsoft Azure
90 hours
Enterprise Data Analytics Using Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Power BI
60 hours
Information Systems Security
96 hours
Machine Learning and AI on Microsoft Azure
75 hours
Microsoft Azure Cloud Infrastructure
90 hours
Microsoft Dynamics and Power Platform Fundamentals
45 hours
Microsoft Modern Workspace and Productivity Tools
42 hours
Microsoft Office Specialist
90 hours
Microsoft Power BI for Business: Make your Data Useful
42 hours
Network and Linux System Administration
90 hours
Relational Database and Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure
75 hours
Solution Architecture on Microsoft Power Platform
90 hours

Accessible, relevant, and adaptable

To swiftly adapt to this rapidly changing landscape, you must embrace continuous learning as a lifelong commitment. University of Calgary Continuing Education offers technology opportunities for you to increase your knowledge and skills.

In addition to its technology certificates, UCalgary Continuing Education also offers digital badges, which are a form of credential. Explore the opportunities.

The surge in AI and cloud computing has been propelled by a convergence of factors, including the abundant availability of data, substantial advances in hardware designed for AI tasks, the maturation of machine learning algorithms, the accessibility and scalability of cloud computing infrastructure, and the collaborative open-source ecosystem.

In this evolving digital era, individuals who embrace these strategies can seize opportunities, contribute to innovation, and remain competitive in a field that continues to shape the future of technology and business.

Micro-credentials are another way to advance your career. Obtain a digital badge. Choose from 24 micro-credentials fully online.

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