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Diversifying Canada's Skilled Trades

A Demand for Skilled Trades

Darryl-Spector headshot

Darryl Spector

Chair, Board of Directors, Skills Ontario
& President, Promation

As the demand for green energy sources in Canada continues to grow, so do the job opportunities in this sector. Skilled trades opportunities in energy promise empowering, meaningful, and lucrative careers.

Unlike some sectors that can be more susceptible to market fluctuations, energy is critical to our infrastructure and society, and as such, the energy sector in particular offers substantial job security and growth prospects. This is increasingly true as we gradually transition into a green-energy supply mix across Canada.

The demand for talent in the skilled trades is as strong now as it ever was — with movements like Equal by 30 and the growing celebrations of inspirational tradeswomen icons, the tide is slowly shifting towards a growing awareness for women to discover legitimate opportunities in finding meaningful, lucrative, and empowering careers in the trades.

The sense of respect, self-actualization, and purpose women can discover on a job site is as relevant and as strong as in a boardroom. So, if you’re a woman who likes to make cool things and work with your hands, your brawn, and your brains, get into a skilled trade.

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