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Diversity in Business

Diversity Is a Fact. Inclusion Is a Choice.

Michael Bach

Michael Bach, CCDP/AP

Founder & CEO, Canadian Centre for Diversity & Inclusion

As soon as you have two people in a room, you have human diversity. This is a simple fact. But inclusion doesn’t just happen; inclusion is a choice. In today’s world, it’s a choice that an employer should make for the benefit of their organization. Research shows that an effective diversity and inclusion (D&I) strategy results in increased innovation, revenue, and engagement. It’s not about “the right thing to do.” It’s about realizing the full potential. There are four major reasons why organizations should prioritize D&I practice.

1. It attracts clients

Clients and potential clients are seeing D&I as more and more important, which means they increasingly seek to do business with companies that demonstrate active engagement in the area.

2. Reduce your bottom line and increase your top line

Why bother investing in your people, only to create a culture where they can’t succeed? If someone leaves your company because they don’t feel included, that’s money walking out the door.

3. It entices talent

New employees are often drawn to companies that have a demonstrated commitment to D&I. Generational change has resulted in conscious awareness that a commitment to D&I is usually indicative of a workplace culture that will be welcoming. This is true even for those who haven’t historically been disadvantaged based on their diversity.

4. Talent looks different

All you can do is hire from the available pool of candidates — but how big is your pool? If your new hires are all white men, you’re only hiring the best and brightest of either the people who apply (and missing out on top talent who don’t perceive your company as inclusive), or the people you feel will “fit” at your organization (and “fit” is usually code for “similar to me”.) 

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