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Empowering Canada's Newcomers

How Working with an Immigration Lawyer Can Help You Thrive

Bojan Nikolic

Barrister & Solicitor, Capital Street Law PC

Applying for student and work permits, permanent residence, family sponsorships, and more can be challenging. Here’s how an immigration lawyer can help.

Canada is a country of immigrants, being home to millions of people from all across the world who have chosen it as home. According to Statistics Canada, in 2021, more than 8.3 million people, or almost a quarter (23 per cent) of the population, were, or had ever been, a landed immigrant or permanent resident in Canada. In 2023, Canada welcomed approximately 471,550 new permanent residents, with targets set to receive even more this year and in 2025.

Immigration is essential to Canada’s present and future. Immigrants contribute their valuable skills to the labour force and mitigate labour shortages in varying sectors and regions, contribute to Canada’s economy, drive population growth, and enrich the country with their cultural, ethnic, linguistic, and religious heritage.

Despite immigration’s indispensability, being a newcomer — or someone who wishes to come to Canada — can be extremely challenging. Working with an immigration lawyer can greatly simplify the process.

Paving a smoother path 

After graduating with an LLB from a law school in London, England, Bojan Nikolic, a barrister and solicitor at Capital Street Law PC, completed his equivalency test in Canada, passed both the barrister and solicitor bar exams, and began practising law. Now based in Toronto, ON, Nikolic focuses on civil litigation, immigration, wills and trusts, real estate, and insurance law.

Immigration lawyers can help
you streamline the process.

Nikolic understands the complexities of immigrating to Canada better than most because he’s an immigrant himself. “There are a lot of different avenues to apply for immigration,” he says. “The process is very difficult. When I went through it, I was completely confused. Immigration lawyers can help you streamline the process.”

Nikolic offers a variety of services to newcomers, including assistance with student permits, post-graduate work permits, co-op work permits, visitor visas, work permits, labour market impact assessments, permanent residence, family sponsorships, and more. Navigating these different applications and portals can be complex and time-consuming, and a knowledgeable immigration lawyer like Nikolic can make the process much smoother.

Alleviating stress and uncertainty  

Lawyers also handle appeals for rejected applications, ensuring that clients have the best chance of overturning unfavourable decisions. “We appeal rejected applications either through judicial review or by appealing the decision to the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada,” explains Nikolic.

By providing expert guidance through complex legal processes, gathering and presenting additional evidence to strengthen the case, and offering personalized strategies tailored to the specific circumstances of each client, Nikolic’s client support is powerful and comprehensive. Discover a newfound confidence and peace of mind with an immigration lawyer in your corner.

If you’re interested in learning more about Nikolic and his legal services, send him an email at [email protected].

All information in this article is exclusively intended for informational purposes and does not constitute legal advice. If you would like more information or have questions, please schedule an appointment with Bojan Nikolic through email: [email protected] or visit
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