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Partnerships for Change

Food Banks Canada: Partnerships for Purpose

Close-up of volunteers' hands at a food bank
Close-up of volunteers' hands at a food bank
Tania Little

Tania Little

Chief Development & Partnerships Officer, Food Banks Canada

Food Banks Canada has always been a purpose-driven organization. Our purpose: relieve hunger today and prevent hunger tomorrow. In times like these, when need is high but many cannot afford to contribute to charitable causes, a clear purpose and track record of relieving food insecurity is what sets Food Banks Canada apart.

Our work this year has focused on designing fundraising campaigns, food acquisition, and delivery programs that have immediate, real-life impact for those who are most in need. Some examples of this are our Step up to the Plate partnership with the federal government, Rogers, the Toronto Blue Jays, and the Slaight Family Foundation to deliver emergency food hampers throughout the country and the Stronger Together concert, which raised approximately $9 million during the most-viewed concert in Canadian history.

A Canada where no one goes hungry

We’ve been targeted and focused in our approach. We’ve adapted quickly with the understanding that we must plan for the unknown and be ready for the unpredictable. But none of our work is possible without the generosity of Canadians and our valued corporate and foundation partners.

Prioritizing the need of those experiencing food insecurity and aligning with partner organizations are critically important for us as a charity. Food Banks Canada and the network of food banks are adapting to our changing world, and we’re doing it with the help of our donors and sponsors. The partnerships we’ve forged are built on a joint purpose to improve the collective good of our country. Many Canadians now truly know that being in need of a food bank could happen to anyone at any time and we’re grateful to those who are helping us move closer to our vision: a Canada where no one goes hungry.

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