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Opening Doors: CCWESTT Past-President Leads Change for Women in STEM

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Neemee Batstone

Op Ex Project Manager Associate, StandardAero

Neemee Batstone believes representation is critical for women to see a place for themselves in STEM.

As an Op Ex Project Manager Associate at StandardAero, Neemee Batstone works in a male-dominated space. She has been lucky to experience great mentorship and credits this with making her path easier.

Batstone is Past-President of the Canadian Coalition of Women in Engineering, Science, Trades and Technology (CCWESTT) Board, participates in StandardAero’s Employment Equity Committee, and represents Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba in Engineers Canada’s 30 by 30 initiative.

Mentorship matters

Working as an engineer and volunteering in this space has given her insight into systemic changes that would increase gender equity in workplaces. Many of her mentors have been men who were well-respected in their fields. Batstone says organizations need to encourage mentorship over metrics, regardless of the mentor’s gender.

“A performance review every six months is not enough — that’s not coaching,” she says. “[You need the] right mentor to help guide you through your career.”

The importance of representation

Batstone knows she’s received opportunities, and that drives her to help others find opportunities for themselves.

“I see this huge door open for any female and they’re just not taking it,” Batstone says. “I feel like I need to be a part of exposing these opportunities and opening doors because those privileges have been given to me. I need to represent because if people can see that I can do it, I’m hoping they can see that they can, too.”

A community conference

Batstone says it’s easy to stay involved with her volunteer work because of the network she’s built. The sharing of stories at events like the CCWESTT’s biennial conference builds a strong community and fuels the action toward change.

“What you don’t know before you go to a CCWESTT conference is the amount of synergy and connections,” Neemee says. “You need to make these connections for job opportunities or friendship. You need to experience it.”  

Visit ccwestt-ccfsimt.org to learn more about the CCWESTT and for information on its upcoming national conference.

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