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Teamwork and Success Go Hand in Hand

Eva Wong Speaking
Eva Wong Speaking
Eva Wong, Borrowell

Eva Wong

Co-Founder & COO, Borrowell

Eva Wong has become one of Canada’s greatest inspirations for entrepreneurs. Read her take on succeeding in the tech and entrepreneurial sectors.

As part of the co-founding team of Borrowell, the fintech company that started in 2014 and offers free credit scores, Eva Wong has become one of Canada’s greatest inspirations for entrepreneurs.

What led you down the path of entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship was always something I’d thought about, but I wasn’t sure if I’d ever make the leap and do it full-time. The first entrepreneurial thing I did was a side project, and for me that was definitely helpful because I knew I really enjoyed it and it gave me a sense of what life would be like as an entrepreneur.

What’s something that helped you succeed?

I think the biggest thing was being part of a great team. My assumption is that people are sometimes scared of becoming an entrepreneur because they don’t think they have all the skills they need to be successful — but in reality, nobody does. Being part of a team and having a great co-founder was key to Borrowell getting to where it is today.

What challenges can women in your industry face? How are you overcoming them?

Unfortunately, women are still under-represented in the tech industry. At Borrowell, we recognized that under-representation was a problem. As a company we’ve worked to build a gender-balanced team and also create an environment that allows people to thrive, no matter their gender. There’s still more work to be done, but we’re very intentional about our job postings, recruiting process, and promotion criteria. Ensuring we have a diverse and inclusive culture is embedded within key processes in the company.

How has your experience in tech been?

My personal experience within the tech industry has been very positive. I’ve found people to be welcoming, supportive, and generous with their time. I think the tech sector may have a negative reputation from a career perspective because of some bad actors, but there are good and bad places to work within any sector. Tech and other high-growth companies are often at the forefront of innovation, so the work is exciting and there are lots of growth and career development opportunities. I’d really encourage women and people from other under-represented groups to consider working in tech. I’ve found it to be incredibly rewarding and fulfilling.

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