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Women's Leadership

Why Women Empowering Women Is the Future of Pharma

Empowering Women Pharma
Empowering Women Pharma

With more than 300 empowered members, Women Leaders in Pharma is harnessing the experiences, advice, and energy of brave, bold leaders.

When we think about leadership across industries, we often associate it with a lack of gender diversity. Today’s pharmaceutical industry is beginning to break down this barrier and work toward gender equality in an organic and empowering way. This type of change doesn’t happen overnight. It happens because of groups like Women Leaders in Pharma (WLP) who are inspiring women to reach their full potential and redesign our workplaces. 

When WLP originated in 2019, it was a small group of women determined to create a safe environment to share, connect, and truly empower one another. Since then, the group has grown to over 300 members across Ontario and Quebec. With growing interest in Western Canada, this network is likely to expand exponentially to support likeminded women who are pushing boundaries to influence and inspire change in the pharmaceutical industry. 

Inspiring women at home and abroad

WLP has also gained the attention of women in the U.S. and across Asia who are seeking opportunities to learn more about the important work being done at WLP. When a woman has both the opportunity and knowledge to be a good leader, she’ll support, teach, and encourage others to follow in her footsteps. Through mentoring, coaching, and networking, WLP has already connected dozens of women across Canada who are reshaping an industry and rewriting the narrative. 

“We have a unique opportunity to write our own story. To ensure that every boardroom, every leadership team, and every level of our life sciences ecosystem is equally represented by women,” says Milva D’Aronco, a founding member of WLP and President of the Board.

Amid an unprecedented year, women across all levels of the pharmaceutical industry continue to make major strides. With the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our personal and professional lives, working from home and managing a work-life balance has never been more challenging. Yet women continue to forge a path forward for future women to lead, support and empower. 

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