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Shelley King

CEO, Natural Products Canada

At Natural Products Canada (NPC), we have the privilege of working with some of the best and brightest innovators in the country. Their naturally derived solutions are powerful examples of how Canada’s bioeconomy is tackling today’s biggest challenges. From earth-friendly plastics and natural health and wellness to a secure and sustainable food supply, these companies are leveraging national resources and expertise to put Canada on the global stage. And NPC is tremendously proud to support them.

Island Water Technologies logo

Preserving our water

Island Water Technologies deploys a clever combination of engineering and biology to optimize wastewater management. Their systems are ideal for many municipalities in Canada and are already being implemented in industrial sites around the world.

Bast Fibre Technologies logo

Avoiding the landfill

Bast Fibre Technologies creates fibres from crops like hemp, making them absorbent and soft yet fully biodegradable and compostable. With the current demand for sanitizing wipes, Bast’s innovative technology is quickly gaining traction with some of the world’s leading manufacturers.

BioTEPP logo

Protecting fruit trees

BioTEPP’s natural biopesticide targets the codling moth, a costly and damaging pest for apple and other fruit trees. The company has just gained regulatory approval in California, extending its ability to help fruit growers in the U.S. and Canadian markets.

BOSK Bioproducts logo

Creating plastics from plants

BOSK Bioproducts addresses the global plastic crisis head-on. They create plastics from plant materials that are not only compostable, but also sustainably produced without harmful enzymes.

NovoBind logo

Reducing disease in production animals

NovoBind’s platform to develop precision biologics helps protect livestock against commercially devastating pathogenic bacteria, viruses, and parasites.

PhotoDynamic logo

Revolutionizing oral health

PhotoDynamic’s powerful dental cleaning device uses a natural compound that’s activated by light. The compound is applied to a device that resembles a mouthguard, and when photoactivated, takes only 60 seconds to kill harmful oral bacteria.

BioAlert Solutions logo

Detecting dangerous bacteria

BioAlert Solutions brings an effective solution to detect dangerous levels of the bacteria behind Legionnaire’s disease. The device provides faster identification of the bacteria in industrial cooling systems, allowing building managers to deploy mitigation strategies and eliminate the devastation of Legionnaire’s disease.

Millennia TEA logo

Unlocking the health benefits of tea

Millennia TEA has shaken up the tea sector with their first in class flash-frozen fresh tea. It contains five times the antioxidants of green tea, giving health-conscious consumers a simple and delicious way to get a daily nutritional boost.

Chinova Bioworks logo

Extending the life of food

Chinova Bioworks is reducing food waste with their innovative natural preservative derived from mushrooms. They’re working with leading food and beverage companies to replace traditional preservatives with their natural functional ingredient.

CanBiocin logo

Enhancing the health of our four-legged friends

Canbiocin is capturing the attention of the world’s biggest names in pet health with its probiotic for dogs. Their in-depth scientific expertise in the gut microbiome and its connection to overall health is enabling them to create highly effective probiotics for animals.

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