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Food waste accounts for about eight percent of human-generated greenhouse gas emissions. Novamont is helping to solve that problem through compostable plastics.

Novamont’s specialty is compostable packaging materials through the MATER-BI family of products. Fully compostable produce bags and waste collection bags made with MATER-BI can be used to divert food waste such as fruit cores, vegetable peelings, and proteins from landfill and incineration. MATER-BI compostable bags also make the task of collecting food waste from homes and kitchens easier and cleaner.

Rather than food waste languishing in a landfill and producing methane gas — a greenhouse gas that’s 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide — what was once considered waste can now be transformed into compost, a valuable commodity that nourishes the soil, captures carbon and retains water for plant growth while improving the productivity of Canada’s agricultural lands plus the health of plants in many home gardens.

Novamont also promotes the role of bioplastics in helping to solve the food waste problem through education and partnerships. The company offers a free iPhone and iPad app called Food Scrap Recycling Truck to teach children about the value of food waste recycling. Novamont is also a Core Partner of Ellen MacArthur Foundation (EMF)’s Food initiative and a member of EMF’s CE100 Network, which aims to accelerate the adoption of circular economy practices through resource efficiency. Novamont recently joined the United Nations’ Global Compact network, a leadership platform for the development and implementation of responsible corporate policies and practices, and was recently awarded the prestigious B Corp Certification with a top-tier ranking.

Novamont has its roots in an ambitious project to integrate chemistry, agriculture, and the environment that began in Italy over 30 years ago. Today, Novamont is a world leader in bioplastics and bio-based products development and production.

Novamont’s Food Scrap Recycling Truck app for children

Novamont has been supplying MATER-BI resin to leading Canadian manufacturers of compostable waste bags, produce bags, and biodegradable mulch film for agriculture for over 16 years and recently developed a new compostable paper coating material. To learn more about how Novamont can support your company’s transition to the circular economy, visit northamerica.novamont.com.

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