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Careers in Sustainability

How One Company Is Building a Better Future For Communities … and its Employees

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Denis Thivierge

President & CEO, CIMA+

A Canadian engineering consulting firm finds success in addressing societal challenges through a holistic and sustainable approach, considering technical, social, ethical, and environmental factors.

We believe that engineering exists to improve and enhance the lives around us,” says Denis Thivierge, President and CEO, CIMA+, a leader in sustainable engineering. “We are committed to developing innovative and sustainable projects that meet the needs of our business partners and clients, and contribute positively to local communities,
while minimizing environmental impacts.”


Sustainable engineering stands as a pivotal force in shaping resilient solutions for the challenges of tomorrow. As climate shifts prompt a crucial shift towards sustainability, leading firms like CIMA+ are championing innovative approaches to decarbonization, renewable energy, transportation electrification, and resilient infrastructure, amongst others. With an unwavering commitment to supporting partners and clients through environmental uncertainties, CIMA+ emphasizes a systemic approach in each project to minimize environmental impact and fortify civil infrastructure resilience.

We are committed to drive positive change in the workplace and value giving purpose and meaningful work by  building with us a better, sustainable future.

In every sector, from transportation to energy and resources, to environmental, to buildings, and infrastructure, CIMA+ is dedicated to sustainable engineering practices. As a rapidly growing firm with ambitious goals, CIMA+ leverages over three decades of engineering expertise. With 3,000+ employees across 30+ locations in Canada, the company’s employee-owned structure fosters a deep sense of accomplishment and commitment. This unique model allows CIMA+ to offer locally tailored, innovative solutions while drawing on global expertise and a diverse pool of talent nationwide.

Beyond its distinctive strategy, CIMA+’s workplace culture sets it apart. Consistently ranked among the best employers by Kincentric (formerly known as Aeon), the company was the first in consulting engineering in Canada, to achieve parity organization recognition by Women in Governance. According to Thivierge, the firm’s commitment to creativity, collaboration, and positive workplace change reflects its dedication to building a better, sustainable future. 

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