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Circular Economy

The Beverage Industry — Pioneers of Producer Responsibility

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Krista Scaldwell

President, Canadian Beverage Association

The Canadian beverage industry is leading the way in its embrace of the circular economy and enhanced producer responsibility. 

Over the past 40 years, the Canadian beverage industry has emerged as a frontrunner in its commitment to developing world-leading extended producer responsibility (EPR) systems. Across Canada, producers take full financial and operational responsibility to collect and recycle their products and packaging to ensure recyclable materials are used.

Canadian Beverage Association (CBA) member, Ice River Sustainable Solutions, a leader in in-house recycling supply chain and innovation in greener packaging, have set a new standard for sustainability in the beverage sector. By integrating a recycling facility within its production process, the company has developed a circular economy for polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic. Its sustainable business model, along with Ice River’s 100 per cent recycled PET water bottle, has significantly reduced its carbon footprint and minimized its need for virgin materials without compromising product quality or safety. 

 The Canadian beverage industry has exemplified the circular economy’s transformative power and enhanced producer responsibility. The sector has showcased its commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship by internalizing recycling supply chains and embracing greener packaging innovation. 

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