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Can Canada Lead the Bioeconomy?

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The market opportunity

Three intertwined strategies have unlocked every prior environmental challenge — pollution reduction technologies, non-polluting alternatives, and cleanup. Climate change is driven by a century of accumulated greenhouse gas pollution. “Electrify everything” enthusiasm often overlooks that bio-based decarbonization cleans up past pollution.

AJW towards Canada's bioeconomy

Biomass absorbs carbon dioxide as it grows, sequestering some in the soil and the rest in the plant. Many bioeconomy production processes pair easily with carbon capture and sequestration, creating net carbon dioxide absorption solutions.

Canada is poised to become the biomass breadbasket for a decarbonizing world, but capturing the opportunity is complex.

Canada is poised to become the biomass breadbasket for a decarbonizing world…

The market-driving policies

A dizzying array of new policies and programs are reshaping decarbonization markets. These are headlined by the U.S. Congress funding US$65 billion for technology grants, new emission reduction regulations, and a sweeping set of new tax incentives in the United States — including bioeconomy incentives for transportation, industry, and energy.

These recent developments sit atop a set of existing policies and programs that could support the growth of nascent bioeconomy companies.

Navigating wisely

Attracting investors often depends on a clear understanding of this complex landscape. Developing resilient business strategies is challenging when your earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) is predicated on tax incentives that could end, regulations that can change, and emission trading programs exposed to extreme volatility.

AJW knows that it’s critical for innovators to be clear-eyed and avoid traps. Our team has the insight, access, and experience to help you succeed. Let’s get to work.


A sustainable economy beyond oil, gas, and coal. Learn more at Canada’s 7th annual industrial bioeconomy business conference. November 7 – 9, 2022 in Ottawa, Ont.


AJW towards Canada's bioeconomy
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