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Canada's ESG Future

25th Annual Corporate Governance Conference

Sponsored by:
Sponsored by:

Good Governance Leads the Way: Strategies and Solutions for Effective and Ethical Organizations

The two-day event will feature expert panels, breakout sessions, and exciting opportunities to learn about the evolving corporate governance environment in Canada and internationally. 

Some of the session topics for 2023 include:

  • A review of Recent Governance reports: What Should Boards of the Future Prioritize?
  • The Five Board Archetypes: Boardroom Evolution from Enron through COVID-19
  • Stakeholder engagement and corporate governance: Pitfalls and must-do’s
  • Cybersecurity and the Role of the Board: Interactive Board Cyber Incident Simulation
  • Beyond EDI: A Focus on Human Capital Issues
  • Crafting an Effective Board Agenda: Setting the Tone
  • The Rise of New Tech: Real-Time Reporting and AI, Oh My!
  • Setting the Stage for Board Diversity: What to know and what to do before you recruit
  • New CEOs: A Unique Opportunity for the Corporate Secretary to Shine
  • Board Assessment – Preparing and Implementing the Next generation of Board Oversight…and more!!!

Travel and accommodation:

Book your stay at The Holman Grand Hotel by booking into a group reservation using 161121 or using this link to book a hotel within walking distance of the Delta Marriott Prince Edward!

Book your Air Canada or Westjet flight to Charlottetown at a discounted price by entering a promo code. Use this link for the promo code and more details! 

Register now for the 25th Annual Corporate Governance Conference!

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