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Future of Food

The Benefits of Teaming Up with Turnkey Partners in Food and Bev

Bondi Produce, Maple Reinders
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Bondi Produce, Maple Reinders
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Ken Kamminga

National Director of Business Development, Maple Reinders

Joseph Sabourin

Project Director, Food & Beverage Sector, Maple Reinders

Maple Reinders brings over 55 years of trust, reliability, and integrity-based work to clients in the food and beverage industry.

Food and beverage is big business. Canada’s food and beverage processing industry is the second largest manufacturing industry in the country, with $117.8 billion in sales of manufactured goods in 2019. The industry accounts for 17 per cent of total manufacturing sales and two per cent of the national GDP. It’s the largest manufacturing employer, providing employment to 290,000 Canadians.

It’s also an industry that’s continually evolving. E-commerce has changed the nature of the facilities and services needed in the food industry, while technological advances have allowed for a new level of automation in food production facilities. The demand for food is greater than ever, and logistics have required cold storage to be present in more areas to service a growing and diverse population. Finally, labour shortages in the industry have forced production facility owners to upgrade their facility requirements rapidly. 

Food industry players need expertise in designing, building, and outfitting existing or new facilities — and that’s where organizations like Maple Reinders come in.

An affinity for complex projects    

Maple Reinders is a full-service construction services provider that specializes in industrial, commercial, and institutional building along with civil and environmental construction, which includes things like water/wastewater treatment plants, composting, energy-from-waste, biogas, cogeneration, and mining. 

With over 50 years’ experience, the company has offices Canada-wide and has completed over 2,900 projects coast-to-coast. Without a doubt, Maple Reinders has grown to become one of the most respected, highly adaptable, and trusted construction firms in Canada today.

“We tend to gravitate to more complex projects,” says Ken Kamminga, National Director of Business Development at Maple Reinders. “We identified early on that the food and bev industry provides us with plenty of opportunities to solve problems for our clients. This separates us from much of the pack in the construction industry.”

A turnkey solution provider

Not all builders have the experience and expertise to address innovation, automation, and outfitting in an industry as complex and specialized as the food and beverage industry.

“Food and beverage industry owners are often looking for a partner, and we’re that turnkey partner,” says Joseph Sabourin, Project Director for the Food and Beverage Sector at Maple Reinders. “What sets us apart is our ability to provide everything under one roof, from the early design program to assessing needs to working through the conceptual design.” 

Food and beverage industry owners are often looking for a partner, and we’re that turnkey partner.

No matter the challenge — from supply chain issues to labour shortages — Maple Reinders has the innovation and technologies to respond to a myriad of food and beverage industry issues. And as a company with a civil/environmental line of business, Maple Reinders is uniquely qualified to serve the food industry, having an understanding of the whole lifecycle of foods, packaging, and organics — including experience with organic waste composting and energy from waste, such as at the Calgary Compost Facility and the Edmonton Anaerobic Digestion Facility. 

Other notable projects and areas of expertise in Maple Reinders’ portfolio include harvesting field produce (VegPro Chinook Lettuce Farm and Processing Facility); logistics, distribution, and cold storage (Americold, GFS, Nova Cold, Bondi Produce); and food service/retail (Costco, Real Canadian Wholesale Club). 

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