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Greening Your Home and Business

Ethan Song
Ethan Song
Photos: Courtesy of Frank And Oak

Learn how you can green your home and business, how to implement greener routines into your schedule, and the impact your efforts make on Canada’s future.

How to Green Your Home and Planet with an Indoor Garden

Just Vertical’s AEVA indoor garden system is a simple, sustainable, and cost-effective way to grow your own nutritious food at home.

Frank And Oak Is Paving the Way for Sustainable Businesses

Mediaplanet interviewed CEO and co-founder of Montreal’s Frank And Oak, Ethan Song, to learn about the importance of sustainable business practices.

Time to End Single-Use Plastics for a Brighter Ocean and Climate Future

While single-use plastic certainly isn’t the sole driver of the climate and oceans’ breakdowns, it’s representative of a wasteful and careless culture.

How Canadian Businesses Are Fighting Climate Change with Green Energy

Learn how Canadian businesses can contribute to a greener future and smaller carbon footprint by purchasing renewable power from green retailers.

Tackling the Single-Use Plastics Crisis One Compostable Coffee Pod at a Time

Four industry experts discuss emerging public-private partnerships when it comes to tackling single-use plastics — from production to disposal.

Building a Sustainable Future in Consumerism with Lauren Singer

We spoke with Package Free CEO and sustainable lifestyle influencer, Lauren Singer, about her zero-waste journey and the start of her innovative business.

Starting Your Sustainable Lifestyle, Step by Step

Zero Waste Collective blogger, Tara McKenna, gave Mediaplanet the low-down on zero waste lifestyles, and what it really means to live sustainably.

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