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Start your journey to a low-waste, plastic-free, more sustainable lifestyle. Let’s Go Eco makes it easy, fun, and more affordable to go green.

Plastic is everywhere and it lasts forever. Less than 10 percent of plastic in the world is recycled, and recycling isn’t a solution.

The plastic problem runs deep. Most plastic is made from petroleum, a fossil fuel. Mining for petroleum damages the environment and burning it releases toxins. Toxic, broken-down microscopic pieces of plastic, also known as microplastics, are finding their way into our waterways and our bodies. The Great Pacific Plastic Garbage Patch is a large mass of debris the size of Texas floating in the middle of the ocean. Compounding the issue, big businesses want us to love plastic. It’s cheaper than alternatives like glass, and more sustainable options are usually more expensive and harder to ship, which means less profit.

Plastic is terrible for the earth, and we want and need change. Canadians care about the environment. At Let’s Go Eco, we ran a survey with 600 Canadians and found that over half think that tackling climate change and reducing wasting are extremely important. Forty-five percent said that they want to live a more eco-conscious lifestyle and that they’re actively searching for ways to do so. Canadians are aware of environmental issues but the solutions aren’t always apparent.

A whopping 64 percent of respondents said that it’s expensive to be more eco-conscious, and 40 percent said that it’s hard to figure out whether or not something is actually eco-friendly.

Knowing that Canadians need more eco-friendly options and solutions was the inspiration behind our company. Let’s Go Eco is the first step in living a lower-waste, plastic-free lifestyle and we make it easier, more fun, and more affordable. We have an eco-market and a seasonal subscription box full of everyday eco-friendly items that support small businesses and that are natural, non-toxic, sustainably-sourced, and plastic-free.

LET'S GO ECO products in a box

The subscription Eco-Box is an experience and a journey in exploring a low-waste lifestyle. It’s delivered to people’s homes four times a year and each box has several home, health, and wellness items that introduce customers to the latest eco-trends and brands. Each box also offers big savings. With a subscription, the Spring Eco-Box costs just $89.99, with a retail value of $160 (savings of 44 percent compared to regular retail prices).

We’re also introducing Canadians to small businesses that are deeply committed to driving a greener, kinder economy. This spring, our eco-subscribers get to try 10 eco-awesome items from brands like Uasau Soap (an Indigenous Inuit business based in Nunavut), Upfront Cosmetics (known for their award-winning zero-waste, all-natural shampoo and conditioner bars made in New Brunswick), Cheeks Ahoy (a small business based in Peterborough, ON, that makes zero-waste essentials), and Pefferlaw Creek Farms (a family-run business offering certified organic 100 percent pure maple syrup based in Uxbridge, ON).

Having more options that are better for us and the environment is the future, and there’s a tsunami of change on the horizon. We want change and we want to be able to make choices that are better for the planet, ourselves, and our families. Let’s Go Eco is here to help and drive that change.

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