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Many investors dream of making a real difference with their money and now they can with Viridis Terra’s TreesOfLives® fund.

Viridis Terra International is a Canada-based company that specializes in ecosystem restoration and sustainable management with a mandate to combat the global problems caused by land degradation and climate change.

Restoring degraded ecosystems

“Our activities focus on the restoration of degraded ecosystems, lands, and soils, as well as the formulation, implementation, and sustainable management of large-scale forest landscape restoration projects,” explains Martin Beaudoin Nadeau, Founder and CEO of Viridis Terra International.

It was the organization’s dedication to environmental stewardship that led Viridis Terra to launch the TreesOfLives® fund. The fund is based on a model that focuses on three pillars essential to a green economy: partnering with landowners, forest landscape restoration, and an investment platform that uses artificial intelligence based on data collected in the field.

When people invest in the TreesOfLives® fund, Viridis Terra is then able to offer technology and expertise to help landowners create models to sustainably restore and develop degraded land. In turn, the forests and the land become fertile, grow, and produce, which contributes to carbon sequestration. In this way, those who invest in TreesOfLives® are removing a significant portion of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere and are thus helping to offset their own carbon emissions — all while assisting local communities in enjoying a better quality of life.

Eventually, the commodities grown by the landowners are sold to buyers looking for zero-deforestation and certified sustainable products. Profits from these sales are shared between the landowner and the investor.

A meaningful investment option

TreesOfLives® is an impact investment vehicle that’s open to both individuals and organizations. Through their contributions, the fund can finance large-scale restoration projects in partnership with landowners and communities. The estimated targeted return on investment for the fund is more than seven percent.

Headshot - Martin Beaudoin Nadeau

Martin Beaudoin Nadeau

Founder & CEO, Viridis Terra International

Viridis Terra founder and CEO Martin Beaudoin Nadeau discusses the exciting launch of the TreesOfLives® fund.

Why did Viridis Terra launch the TreesOfLives® fund? 

The reason we launched the TreesOfLives® fund is that we want to create a green economy around land restoration and to bring capital to these landscapes that are degraded. The fund lets us do that on a very large scale and lets us have a huge impact on fighting climate change and the degradation of natural landscapes. At Viridis Terra, we’re driven by a commitment to fighting against the effects of climate change sustainably, leading to a better future for all.

What makes the TreesOfLives® fund different than other similar sustainable, environmentally-oriented funds?

Our fund is different because not only does an investor get financial returns, they also get a personal return for themselves by offsetting their own ecological footprint. Investors become key players in fighting the climate crisis. It’s a meaningful way to make an impact.

Who can invest in the fund?

Individuals and companies can both invest. Investing in TreesOfLives® allows investors to offset their carbon footprint with certified carbon credits. Furthermore, these investments can help remove substantial amounts of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere and a portion of their investment can be used to further offset their carbon emissions. Also, by investing with TreesOfLives®, investors can indirectly transform the cost of restoration and smart reforestation into an impact investment. Investors can really make a difference.

*Disclaimer* Expected yields are based on data from similar projects carried out by Viridis Terra and its partners in the past in the same areas where Viridis Terra carries out its restoration activities. However, yields are not guaranteed and may vary considerably due to various factors. See our legal documentation on for full details.

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