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Hoskin’s Comprehensive Instrumentation Helps Make Sense of Our World

super buoy floating in ocean water
super buoy floating in ocean water

Shawn Ternan

Senior Environmental Sales — Water Quality at Hoskin Scientific

Hoskin Scientific’s water quality and hydrometrics instrumentation and monitoring capability empower Canadian environmental professionals with the tools and expertise they need.

The monitoring and subsequent treatment of water quality is an important consideration across a variety of industries and applications and encompasses many environmental functions. When monitoring the various components of the hydrological cycle (such as precipitation, surface water, groundwater) selecting the proper sampling and monitoring instrumentation is very important for the various environmental water monitoring professionals across Canada who perform vital work in understanding and protecting the water around us.


Best-in-classmonitoring instruments

“Hoskin Scientific is a distributor of monitoring instruments from a large number of manufacturers,” says Shawn Ternan, Senior Environmental Sales — Water Quality at Hoskin Scientific. “We service several market segments within our Environmental Department including but not limited to water quality, hydrometrics, meteorology, groundwater, oceanography, soil and plant science. Whether they’re federal, provincial, municipal regulators or scientists, environmental engineers or consultants, research academics or industry, Hoskin Scientific — Canada’s instrumentation leader since 1946 — offers them, amongst other things, water quality and hydrometric-based monitoring solutions. These can range from simple handheld testers and meters to long-term deployable multi-parameter logging systems. We offer remote controlled autonomous monitoring vehicles as well as completely integrated remote systems which monitor conditions in the field and post real-time data to secure online web-based platforms. Monitoring and testing instrumentation and systems can be purchased or rented, and Hoskin’s service is top-notch, ensuring that clients are delivered comprehensive solutions.

Leadership in water quality and hydrometrics   

Hoskin Scientific’s leadership in water quality instrumentation innovation is a result of its diverse product range, knowledgeable team of environmental sales representatives, and community focus. “We offer a wide product range of monitoring solutions and can integrate a number of them into complete solutions,” says Ternan. “If the monitoring requirements in a situation require multiple inputs we can bring together a complete package that satisfies all the client’s needs.”

One of Hoskin Scientific’s strengths is the breadth of the product lines we offer and the custom solutions we present to all of the markets that we service

Hoskin’s leadership in hydrology innovation and hydrometrics is also noteworthy. “One of Hoskin Scientific’s strengths is the breadth of the product lines we offer and the custom solutions we present to all of the markets that we service, including water quality and hydrometrics,” says Ternan. “We can offer everything from a fairly simple solution — a single instrument or component-type solution — to a multi-component, fully integrated system and monitoring solution with advanced telemetry and data to the web.”

Safeguarding drinking water 

The Buffalo Pound Buoy project, a partnership between a University of Saskatchewan researcher and the Buffalo Pound Water Treatment Plant, highlights Hoskin Scientific’s technology and innovation in action.

“The Buffalo Pound Buoy project is a joint partnership between the research community, academia, and the municipal government,” says Ternan. “We’re servicing and providing a monitoring solution that monitors the source water for the Buffalo Pound Water Treatment Plant, which provides Moose Jaw and Regina residents with their drinking water.” The project features a high-level, sophisticated system with a lot of pieces, Ternan notes — including research-grade weather and atmosphere monitors, water quality sensors, and some “neat new tools,” including cutting-edge sensors to more accurately measure carbon dioxide that’s important to lake ecology and cameras with telemetry so that the lake surface can be monitored for scum.

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