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Path to Net Zero

How Alectra Inc. is Enabling Electrification of Transportation

Sponsored by Alectra Inc.
Sponsored by Alectra Inc.

Ariel Bautista

Director of eMobility, Alectra Energy Solutions

Alectra is partnering with commercial and government sectors to enable electrification of vehicles, fleets, and transit systems.

Businesses and public entities are actively transitioning to electric vehicles (EVs) as part of their net-zero approach: decarbonizing fleets, transit systems, and vehicles through electric mobility is a solution that can be acted upon today. 

On the surface, the eMobility concept is straightforward, but in actuality, it can be full of implementation and operational risks, as well as being capital intensive. Organizations would serve their net zero aspirations well by working with proven service providers to ensure the long-term success of their electrification transition. 


One such provider is Alectra Inc., which is partnering with public and private entities to address the technical and economic challenges of EV infrastructure implementation and has already deployed hundreds of EV charging stations.  Through its utility arm, Alectra Utilities Corporation, the largest municipally-owned utility in Canada based on customer size, Alectra is present in 17 communities in the Greater Toronto, Niagara and Hamilton Areas, serving over 1.1 million customers. Alectra Inc.’s commercial arm, Alectra Energy Solutions Inc., is actively developing customized EV solutions for its valued commercial customers, including municipalities, fleet owners, and transit agencies. 

Enabling eMobility    

The Government of Canada has mandated that all new light-duty cars and passenger trucks be zero-emission by 2035. To help meet that goal, Natural Resources Canada’s ZEVIP program was created to address a key barrier to the adoption of EVs in Canada — namely, a distinct lack of charging stations. Over the years, Alectra Utilities has been both a recipient and a ‘delivery organization’ for this funding, helping to bring millions of dollars to work towards successfully rolling out EV chargers across Ontario. And Alectra Utilities intends to continue leveraging funding opportunities as they arise.  

The Government of Canada has mandated that all new light-duty cars and passenger trucks be zero- emission by 2035.

But even without funding, Alectra Inc.’s affiliate, Alectra Energy Solutions, is offering tailored EV infrastructure solutions to private and public entities through flexible contracts, minimal to no upfront capital outlay, and an overall positive EV charging experience for customers.

Paving the way to electrification  

Since 2017, Alectra has been conducting research and customer engagement, educating customers about EVs, and running eMobility demonstration projects to test new business models. “These smart charging initiatives inform our development activities as well as our advocacy positions,” says Neetika Sathe, Vice-President of the Alectra Green Energy and Technology Centre (GRE&T Centre), Alectra Utilities’ dedicated innovation hub. “For example, we’re working in the residential sector to test intelligent charging solutions that reduce the impact on grid-edge infrastructure and help us identify how infrastructure can be provided in multi-family buildings.”

Alectra Utilities believes it is imperative for local distribution companies to play a role in providing eMobility services to customers. “Customers can get access to rate options, actionable information, and funding while utilities get visibility into customer needs, enabling them to plan and operate the system effectively. Alectra Utilities’ aim is to be a trusted ally to our customers, we strive to develop relationships that empower our customers to participate in load management programs that can make the grid run more efficiently and reliably,” says Sathe.

eMobility for businesses 

Alectra Inc.’s competitive affiliate, Alectra Energy Solutions, is also enabling organizations to reap the benefits of EVs by delivering eMobility solutions that are simple, dependable, and aligned with clients’ commercial aspirations. 

Alectra Energy Solutions does this by taking on the implementation, financing, and operational risks of tailored EV charging infrastructure. Their flexible, partner-based approach takes pressure and risk off organizations, leaving Alectra Energy Solutions to shoulder turnkey responsibility for the development, financing, installation, and reliable operation of EV-related infrastructure and systems. 

“Our approach takes the implementation risks and financial hurdles away from our commercial customers, while allowing for flexibility in EV charging solutions that work with their business,” explains Ariel Bautista, Director of eMobility at Alectra Energy Solutions. “Organizations can focus their capital investments on their core operations, while achieving their decarbonization goals faster. With our trusted and experienced team, we are putting the customer experience first, delivering successful eMobility solutions that just work,” says Bautista.

In addition to EV charging solutions, Alectra Energy Solutions brings added value to its partners by delivering infrastructure solutions both in front and behind the meter, which can include on-site generation such as solar PV systems, and on-site battery energy storage. This comprehensive suite of distributed energy solutions can help customers manage their peak load to mitigate electricity costs and ensure economically viable energy solutions.

With its proven track record, deep understanding of customer reliability needs, operational expertise, and financial strength, Alectra Inc. is uniquely positioned to enable the electric mobility transition across North America. 

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