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How Canadian Start-Ups Are Drawing on Nature to Help Reach Net Zero

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Shelley King

CEO, Natural Products Canada

The path to net zero is paved with Canadian companies relying on nature’s power to develop eco-friendly solutions. Natural Products Canada (NPC) supports these bio-based innovations through its comprehensive system of advice, strategic connections, and financial support.  

NPC has invested in dozens of Canadian companies that represent eco-friendly solutions in a range of industries. 

For instance, Dispersa is a female-led company inspired to reduce the impact of dangerous chemicals after seeing the effects of the train derailment disaster in Lac Megantic, Quebec. 

Dispersa’s bio-based surfactants and other green chemicals can replace chemicals normally derived from petroleum, and can be used in beauty, cleaning and other industrial products. 

Nature Recombined is protecting our precious bee populations from deadly mite infestations, ensuring the bees — and the plants and crops that rely on them — can flourish. 

And NULIFE Greentech has a solution for industrial wet waste disposal that permanently sequesters and removes this converted carbon from the atmosphere, while providing the future option of upgrading into renewable fuels.

“The challenges to the planet have been more obvious to Canadians this summer than ever before,” says Shelley King, CEO of Natural Products Canada. “The innovations supported by NPC’s advice, connections, and programs represent a powerful plan to get Canadian, planet-friendly solutions into action quickly and efficiently.” 

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