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How to Grow a Lucrative Business That’ll Make the World a Better Place

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Samantha Richardson

CEO, Ethical Profit Agency

Building an ethical business can be overwhelming. That’s where the Ethical Profit Agency comes in.

The Ethical Profit Agency believes that entrepreneurs and small business owners can make a huge impact on the world. They just need the “how-to” that will break the paralysis and jumpstart them and their businesses into action by destroying the myth that sustainability is costly.  

“Our main mission is to help make the financial world accessible to people who are left out of that world,” says Samantha Richardson, CEO of Ethical Profit Agency. “We work with a lot of women, for example, and small business owners who don’t have a traditional business background. I always lead with compassion and non-judgement for where they’re starting their business journey.”

The Ethical Profit Agency offers sustainable consulting services that fall into two main categories: an accounting tax advisory, which provides traditional accounting services like bookkeeping and compliance-related financials; and sustainability consulting, which encompasses things like helping organizations become B Corp certified and supporting companies in their sustainability efforts, financial or otherwise.

Embracing sustainability 

In today’s social climate, businesses who aren’t embracing sustainability are simply behind the curve. The early adoption of ESG reporting has passed and we’re nearing the mainstream adoption phase. Businesses that are resistant to change are hurting themselves in the long run.

“Climate change is something that will affect 100 per cent of businesses,” says Richardson. “And small businesses are more likely to feel challenges, like with the pandemic, more acutely — so if they don’t have the right pieces in place, they’re more at risk. It’s also becoming more and more important for organizations to prioritize sustainability as part of their working environment. Millennials and Gen Z employees are really aware of how critical the situation is and they don’t want to work for companies that aren’t sustainable.”

Richardson notes that organizations also want to partner with other sustainable businesses in order to minimize risks. “And there’s a lot of evidence shows that businesses are more profitable when they have an integrated sustainability ethos,” she adds. There’s no question — embracing sustainability is a win-win-win.

Helping build ethical, sustainable businesses    

Ethical Profit Agency helps businesses who are lagging on their sustainability initiatives to get on track. Whether companies are ready for small or large change, solutions offered by the agency include financial services, advisory services, sustainable consulting, and more.

“What keeps my clients coming back is that I help increase your profit, plan for the future, and align your business with your values,” says Richardson.

And the Ethical Profit Agency walks the walk. As the oldest B Corp accounting firm in Canada, it doesn’t just coach other organizations on how to be more sustainable — it’s leading the way in demonstrating what that looks like. 

Visit ethicalprofitagency.com to learn more about Ethical Profit Agency’s consultations.

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