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Robert Menegotto, MANTECH

Robert Menegotto

President & CEO, MANTECH

Innovative technology from Ontario-based MANTECH analyzes water, soil, and food in minutes, saving precious time and contributing to a greener environment.

Water is one of our most critical resources, yet ensuring that our water is safe for consumption and that wastewater isn’t harmful for discharge can be time-consuming. But that’s all changing with innovative technology developed by Ontario-based MANTECH that analyzes water, soil, and food in minutes, saving precious time and contributing to a greener environment.

MANTECH's PeCOD Chemical Oxygen Demand Analyzer

MANTECH’s fully-automated analyzers have been installed in 52 countries and its patented and revolutionary PeCOD® Chemical Oxygen Demand Analyzer (COD) provides accurate chemical oxygen results in 10 minutes without the use of harmful chemicals. The system also effectively monitors biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) and natural organic matter. The technology is being used by labs testing for environmental and public health reasons, but also for testing at the source, allowing companies to realize significant cost savings and operational efficiencies while being environmentally sustainable.

Optimizing results. Protecting the environment.

“With our unique solutions, clients get results in minutes instead of waiting days or weeks with other technologies that were developed, in some cases, more than half a century ago,” says Robert Menegotto, MANTECH’s President and CEO. “The near real-time data that’s generated allows businesses to make actionable decisions quicker, rather than having to guess and potentially overtreating water with harsh, costly chemicals.”

One Ontario company that treats 200,000 litres of industrial wastewater a day is using MANTECH’s COD and BOD analyzers and has reported becoming more efficient because of the timeliness in analyzing the wastewater. This has resulted in annual cost savings for the company of $500,000. Likewise, a large paper company in Chile is using fewer bleaching and treatment chemicals and realizing $3 million in annual savings thanks to the MANTECH system.

“Not only do our clients get more timely results, but our environmental testing lab clients also benefit from our easy-to-use software and robust robotics to do the analyses automatically, even overnight. Therefore, highly-skilled lab staff are not required like they are with other solutions,” says Menegotto. Simplicity is a cornerstone of MANTECH’s development goals, adds Menegotto. “We can ship our PeCOD analyzer anywhere in the world and the client will have it set up and running in an hour.”

Big or small. Simple or complex. Any industry that uses a lot of water can benefit from the MANTECH system, including petro-chemical, forestry, automotive, utilities, pharmaceutical and food and beverage. One European country is using MANTECH analyzers to monitor water quality in its rivers and lakes, and the Ganga River Monitoring Project in India is benefiting from quick MANTECH analyzer results.

Revolutionizing Water Quality Analyzers with Fast and Green Methods

Optimize your results, protect our environment. 

Over 2,600 analyzers, over 600,000 results per day, in 52 countries

Green methods that reduce chemicals, reduce waste, protect product, and are simple for 24/7 operation.

Hazardous chemicals eliminated from tests

Mercury and chromium are eliminated and other chemicals are reduced by over 60%. Sample size reduced by over 50% — less is collected, transportation costs lowered, and less plastic waste generated.

Companies generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings

Chemical and energy savings while delivering sustainable impacts at the same time.

Faster results that protect the environment and public health

Faster results by hours and days mean actionable decisions — and invaluable environmental impact for us all.

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