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Home » Environment » When it Comes to Canada’s Future, Trees Really Are the Answer

Rob Keen, RPF

Forests Ontario

Of all the services our forests provide, their ability to fight climate change via carbon sequestration is one of the most important. Trees really are the answer. In fact, their significance is so great, it’s no longer a question of, “Should we plant more trees?” but instead, “How do we plant more trees?”

Forests Ontario, a not-for-profit charity, is dedicated to making Ontario’s forests healthier through restoration, stewardship, education, and awareness activities. The organization delivers the Ontario government’s 50 Million Tree Program, a program designed to reduce eligible landowner tree planting costs and provide technical assistance for large-scale plantings.

A measurable difference

To date, Forests Ontario and its partners have helped plant more than 24 million trees under the 50 Million Tree Program. This translates to 19,000 tonnes of carbon sequestered every year, equivalent to the emissions produced from driving more than 80 million kilometres. This carbon benefit will only increase as more trees are planted. Tree planting also creates jobs and contributes significantly to rural economies, providing a three-to-one return on investment for every dollar the province invests. Planting trees is a wise investment from both an environmental and socio-economic standpoint.

It’s time for Canada to start talking about planting more trees and developing a national tree planting strategy.

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