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The Key to Protecting Nature? Teach Kids to Respect and Admire It 

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Lindsay Nash

Outreach & Stewardship Coordinator, Quinte Conservation

Through educational programming and community outreach, Quinte Conservation is inspiring youth to protect and connect with nature. 

When young people participate in community engagement and conservation education, they develop a sense of responsibility for their environment. Developing this connection to nature will shape a young person’s actions and attitudes over time, nurturing their potential to become future leaders in conservation.

Quinte Conservation (QC) is a community-based environmental protection agency that works with residents to ensure that people and nature live harmoniously. Their vision is to advance watershed knowledge and collective actions to strengthen ecosystems. 

“Everyday operations involve a range of activities focused on environmental conservation, edu-cation, and recreation,” says Lindsay Nash, Outreach and Stewardship Coordinator. “All our education programs are designed to engage youth through hands-on activities.” Through Outdoor Programs and Watershed Workshops, youth are educated and inspired through nature — and they’ll share what they’ve learned with others.

Planting the seeds

QC provides curriculum-based programming at their conservation areas. They maintain partnerships with school boards located in the QC watershed.

Participants learn about the past, too. “Educating today’s youth about the historical significance of land use and its impact on watersheds is crucial for several reasons, especially in connection to stabilizing degraded watersheds,” Lindsay explains. “Historical context provides a deeper understanding of the importance of conservation and restoration efforts, instilling in them a sense of stewardship for the environment.”

In alignment with QC’s strategic plan and goal for 2030, their community engagement efforts teach kids how to protect and value the environment and empower future generations.

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