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2% Milk, 98% Innovation

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Producing Lactantia PurFiltre 100% Canadian milk that is safe, high-quality, sustainable, delicious, and nutritious is a great source of pride. Canadian milk standards are among the highest in the world as Canadian dairy farmers and processors adhere to more than 100 different provincial regulations on food safety, animal care, and the environment. The Dairy Farmers of Canada logo makes it easy to identify products made with 100% Canadian milk and dairy ingredients. The instantly recognizable blue cow logo lets Canadian shoppers know that the purchase of Lactantia directly supports Canadian dairy farmers.

A taste of home

“Parmalat Canada has more than 120 years of brand heritage in Canadian dairy and recognizes the importance of using Canadian-produced milk and supporting the Canadian dairy industry,” says Nathalie Cusson, Parmalat Canada’s Vice-President of the Fluid Division. “That is why we proudly feature the Dairy Farmers of Canada logo on our Lactantia and Beatrice milk products.”

Having confidence in both the origin and quality of dairy products is extremely important for Canadians.

Nathalie Cusson, Parmalat Canada

Not only does the company support Canadian dairy farmers, its large manufacturing, processing, and distribution presence provides jobs to almost 3,000 Canadians. With 16 dairy processing facilities, a major research and development centre, and multiple distribution centres across the country, Parmalat is the third-largest dairy processor in Canada and its Lactantia branded products have been voted the ‘most trusted’ dairy brand by Canadian consumers for four years running.

“Having confidence in both the origin and quality of dairy products is extremely important for Canadians,” says Cusson. “With a rich content of essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals essential for sustaining life and maintaining good health, milk is regarded as a nutrient dense food and is an extremely important part of our diets.”

Evolving with health trends

Strong scientific evidence shows the nutritional benefits of calcium in milk in promoting optimal growth in children, preserving muscles in aging adults, and supporting bone health. Dairy products provide Canadians with high-quality protein via six out of the eight key nutrients identified as currently lacking in Canadians’ diets.*

Canadian consumers look for innovative, fresh, and delicious tasting products that are healthy, convenient, safe, and environmentally-friendly.

Canadians today are on a quest for healthy beverages, with many paying extra attention to labels to ensure products contain the nutrients they need. On top of this, they cherish value in their purchases and convenience in their shopping experience. That’s why Parmalat Canada invested in a Canadian bottling facility in 2018 and launched Lactantia PurFiltre Milk in large and small re-sealable and recyclable bottles. The new 1.5L Lactantia milk bottle is the first long-shelf life premium milk in an ergonomically friendly bottle in Canada. It also helps to safeguard the purity of the milk. This innovation follows Lactantia’s pioneering launch of the first filtered milk in Canada in 1996.

Healthy homes, happy environments

“The bottles are easier to use and specifically designed to help protect the freshness of the milk for an even longer period of time, without the use of additives or preservatives,” explains Parmalat Canada’s Maintenance Supervisor, Nathan Tinus.

The PET bottles are also recyclable, as are the re-sealable, certified BPA-free caps. The caps have a tamper-evidence safety ring to ensure food safety, while both the bottle and cap have a light barrier that helps protect the integrity of the milk.

When it comes to dairy, Canadian consumers are constantly looking for innovative, fresh, and delicious tasting products that are healthy, convenient, safe, and environmentally-friendly. Lactantia remains dedicated to anticipating and fulfilling the evolving needs and tastes of Canadians with its line of premium dairy products.  


* Dairy Processors Association of Canada (DPAC)  

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